Game Crash when choosing a map for a custom game?

For some reason, whenever I select a map for a custom game my client immediately crashes? I’ve tried the following to resolve the issue, but haven’t made any progress;

  • Disabled all MODS.
  • Uninstalled/Re-installed the game.
  • Playing through the currently selected custom game map.

Crash Log:

GUID: e7f6ced3-a973-410e-8c3c-1466b8b5be1c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …t_game_view/windows/start_game_window_area_selection.lua:192: attempt to index local ‘settings’ (a nil value)

In this case there does appear to be some mods enabled, and the crash is related to one of your UI mods. Worth double-checking. :slight_smile:

Really? That’s weird, I swear I disabled it! Thank you, i’ll give it another go :slight_smile:

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