[Patch 4.7] 'Campaign' game type filter can't be selected in the Lobby Browser | Selecting a map in Custom Game will crash the game

1.) ‘Campaign’ game type filter can’t be selected in the Lobby Browser. Only ‘Weaves’, ‘Chaos Wastes’, and ‘Any’ are in there.

2.) Attempting to choose a map/mission in Custom Game will crash the game. It will crash as soon as you click on ‘Mission’. Console log states the following as the crash error message:
...t_game_view/windows/start_game_window_area_selection.lua:106: attempt to index local 'settings' (a nil value)

The two bugs above combined force players to play Quick Play if they want to play Campaign mode.

3.) UI Tweaks has been desanctioned again. What’s up with that?

4.) Minor bugs: My favorited headgear and armor skins have been unfavorited. Loadout Manager “forgot” my saved headgear, armor skins, and frames in all my saved loadouts. The two bugs are probably related.

Must be because of the buff animation changes they were talking about in patch notes

Pretty sure the fix for this one on Fatshark’s end is setting
AreaSettings.bogenhafen.sort_order = 3
AreaSettings.holly.sort_order = 4
AreaSettings.scorpion.sort_order = 5
In the current build these three are offset by one using 4, 5, and 6 respectively. Since this deals with the selection of which set of Campaign maps (A Quiet Drink(0), Helmgart(1), Drachenfels(2), Bogenhafen(4), Back to Ubersreik(5), Dark Omens(6)) you select in the custom games menu, my guess is that Fatshark just forgot to reorder the values in the AreaSettings table when removing references to a set of new in development Campaign map(s).

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