My feedback for what i dislike at the moment and really need to talk about


I really hate the new system who stop the regen of the stamina when you dodge, but really hard that one. The more i play the more i dislike it and i think i prefer to see only ennemies with gun on this game than to continue to see this mechanic ( and i dislike the gunner so it’s for tell ^^ but it’s 40k so i deal with it).

When you run for exemple as an ogryn with a shovel for killing a gunner an decide to prepare a heavy for his face you are slowed for an unknow reason. Like if being slowed when hit was not enough i can be slowed for wanted to hit my target with an attack who will give me back some shield.

The bar on the weapons need to go, the statistiques of vermintide was more clear, here you don’t really know what you get and if it’s worth. Same for the name of some you don’t really now what is it for, there is a lack of description.

That all for the moment.