My Feedback and Thoughts so far

First off this is the first time i have given Feedback on a game so bear with me please.

Enemy audio is undertuned, the special notify sounds could use a small increase.
Whilst playing i kept being crept up on by smaller hords as despite checking behind me they either drop down behind me or crawl out of one of the spawn Vents (said spawns could maybe use a notify that they opend aswell, perhaps a hiss or scraping of metal) being used to Vermintides excellent audio i keep relying on hearing said Hords footsteps, growls or shuffeling but so far Darktides equivalent has proven far too quiet. The same can be said about the Backstab audio queue.

I have seen it mentioned before in threads but a toggle to Aim would be a fantastic addition, particularly for weapons that have a charged shot like the Lucius Pattern Lasgun.

Flame toughness Damage is crippeling, i understand that fire is supposed to be a hazard and i fully agree however the combination of Fire instantly shattering your thoughness and the player being staggered by damage without toughness leads to constant cases of me standing in a pool of fire without being able to escape the Damage, too harsh a punishment, even more so with how accurat and swift Bomber Grenades are, far too often do i spot a granade midflight towards me start my sprint away but still end up being stuck in the same conundrum described above.

The Gear Store timer is too long, i personally would love to see the reset being reduced to 30mins (Roughly every mission) or at the very least a option to refresh it once per full refresh cycle, either for free of a small fee of currency.

The reaction time of Ranged enemys is perhaps a tiny bit too swift slowing it by 1 or 2 seconds would allow just a bit more reaction time, particularly on the Ventilation Purge missions they are very rough to deal with as spotting them is near impossible unless they are already triggered and shooting themself.

Overall the UI is good, but i would love to see more information still, perhaps a numerical Ammo counter for Teammates and the ability to see their Grenade status.
Additionally a option to fully disable the Aim retical bobbing during motion or Melee would be incredible, though that might be a personal gripe i like my static Crosshairs.

Please give us a option to toggle off Camera shake completely, despite turning off Camera shake the bit of camera shake when pulling out the Ranged Weapon or swinging in Melee is too much. The No Wobble Mod in Vermintide 2 was always a must have for me.

The Corruption Mechanic is extremely punishing. We should, on all difficulties, be allowed at least a single down without instant death.

The option to pick server regions is a must have, as someone who plays with a lot of folk from overseas i would love to see that being available. Particularly as Ping is a very noticeable factor, whilst playing on a server with noticeably worse ping i kept running into instances of “phantom hitting” as in, seeing the projectile or weapon impact the enemy without a hitmarker or registration on the enemys part, or sometimes even decapitate a enemy despite my weapon animation being idle…perhaps the Emperors intervention afterall ?.

Whilst doing the Corruption Scan mission i noticed a lot of the objective being directly near or ontop of a spawn/drop down point for enemys which paired with my previously mentioned lack of audio feedback is extremly punishing when trying to scan said objectives.

Should any Member of the Fatshark team grace my humble thread, keep up the good work, the game is fantastic so far (those few problems aside) may the Emperor provide you with smooth sailing and a equally smooth Launch, thank you for your hard work.