Mutants Nerfed Too Hard

From patch # 8

  • Changes to Mutants:
    • Tweaked the Mutant charge turn values in order to avoid instant turns
    • Tuned Mutant navigation to be a bit smoother
    • Tuned Mutant rotation speed to be a bit slower, allowing for easier dodging
    • Increased Mutant stun time when hitting walls from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds

Sounds ok on paper, but after playing several games with the changes I can say that it’s really ruined this fun enemy. It is extremely easy to avoid them now. You don’t even need to dodge anymore, I found that just walking parallel to their charge direction was enough. Even though it looked like their model was hitting me, they would just sail on past.

Now, pox hounds were a bit frustrating, and the ping compensation is a great idea. But mutants didn’t seem broken to me, they seemed scary. I knew that I could avoid them if I had space, and timed the dodge right. Unlike hounds, I found avoiding them to be very reliable, but also difficult to pull off in the middle of hoard or narrow corridor. This was good. Its good to have scary enemies. Even after several hundred hours, the sound of their thundering charge still gives me anxiety in a great way. Playing today, I found I almost didn’t care when I heard them spawn, and I was constantly shocked that I was avoiding them when I knew I shouldn’t have.

Bursters and hounds ignoring certain instances of stagger was annoying, and clearly something wasn’t working right. But mutants being really hard to avoid unless you focus on them and time your dodge was awesome. It’s great to have threats that demand your attention like that, they forced you to clear space, manage your stamina and nail the dodge timing. Now you can almost ignore them. Love to see balance happening, and I know its a difficult and iterative process, but the mutant nerf was too much. Give us back our angry meatballs.


Over half the time all you need to do is stand still. They will charge right through you.

It was annoying how inconsistent their turning circle seemed to be, but apart from that they were fine.


I honestly had more issues with Mutants and weird jank than dogs or bursters before this fix, including them outright missing me before I was teleported into their grasp a moment later anyways bizarrely often, but I agree that they dumbed them down a bit too much to the point that they’re hardly a threat anymore. The fixes to how they move should be kept because even without the jank there were some really dumb scenarios that played out from how tightly they moved and completely ignored tight spaces that should have countered them, but something weird definitely happened with their grab range, it’s almost nonexistent now. I think with their fairer movement now they could afford to have their charge sped up and grab extended back out some more. Reintroduces the challenge in a better sense than before while not leaving them as an enemy that is ONLY threatening during moments of pure chaos.


I honestly kind of liked the hijinks that could ensue form their hair-pin turns, but I can agree that it deserved a fix. Their ability to grab you now though is definitely borked.

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Its so stupid, i mean no one was even asking for this, why are they making game even easier


Because difficulty should not be predicated on broken things. But in this case things are still broken so it still needs to be fixed.

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Hairpin turns were a feature not a bug.


It’s Fatshark, we’re all constantly playing feature-or-bug.


Its a feature if its fun.
Its a bug if i don’t like it.


Haven´t tested it sice patch but before it was just annoying when the mutant made a 90 degree turn in full speed and charged on you when you did not expect it. well, it was kind of funny but other than that they were fine. ofc it has to be removed that they can throw you off the map, happend sometimes to me and that was stupid and literally blew you out off the game and immersion.

Well, you should see it for yourself, Mutants can’t catch anyone now.

Seems like Fatshark are fond of overkill “balancing” when it comes to nerf things.


I agree for the most part.
Removed the excessive turn speed (without actually loosing charge speed) is fine, I guess ?
But, the combinaison of all these nerf in same time makes them irrevelant.

In my opinion, the only “problem” was the “overfast turn + instant grab combinaison”.
I would like to see a big slap attack around him when he is standing still, pushing back the player instead of 180 instant turn + grab.

Edit : And still, it was manageable !

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Mutants went from being number 1 threat to being a bit of a joke.
Two mutants could make one’s life absolute hell before. Now… eh.
Perhaps that went a bit too far.

Dogs though have been feeling worse for me. I used to do a frontal push without dodging. I’m now wondering if the lag compensation detects the absence of dodge and thus counts the pounce as a hit.

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Same. Push timing seems to have changed and its more reliable to just dodge instead of pushing

Is this time to ask again what is Fatshark’s QA doing?

Who are we to deny mutants their personality?


Judging by what gets found after patches are released, I am convinced that we are the QA.


This is a well established joke in the Tide community and probably we aren’t far from the truth.

this is the one that made it way too easy. the other changes just make it so you can dodge around corners and not have the mutants follow you around the corner perfectly. if they revert that rotation speed change then mutants will still feel strong and balanced.

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Member Beta mutants?
They’ve been evolving backwards hahaha

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The turning radius for such a huge mutant beast was stupid, but now they are hardly a threat.
How about if their speed was greatly increased, and their damage as a punishment when they do catch you.
That way they can be dodged if you time it right or duck behind cover, but you have to react a lot faster.

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