Revert Muties

Before the updates to Muties they were the following:

  1. Reliable, relatively easy to predict who they were going for. They spawn in and charge a player.
  2. Occasionally surprising with sharp turns near objects and around corners
    2a. These were predictable in their own way because you knew they were part of its behavior
  3. spawn, run at you, hit object, turn around, run at you or someone else. Very understandable.

Muties after the update are the following:

  1. unreliable, not always clear who they are targeting. Will spawn in and maybe charge a player or maybe just charge near by, stop, and charge somewhere else
  2. Stop on a dime and change targets and initiate a new charge instantly
  3. Will sometimes pause and do menacing power squats at places they would have done a turn or sharp turn before or at transition points between terrain types
    3a. Behavior while powersquatting menacingly is unclear. They may let you walk up and beat them to death. Or they may 780 and moonwalk grab you while you are behind them. Or they might initiate a new charge.
    3b. may retain the original target or change targets while powersquatting

Other good reasons to revert them:

  1. Almost no one was complaining about them.
  2. They weren’t hard to deal with and were entirely dodge-able after performance issues were smoothed out
  3. sharp turns were fun and characterful and gave a lot of OH SHI- moments. Without them xbawks players will not get the same fun and surprising experiences we all got.

I kinda miss the old muties aswell, got to accustomed in fighting them that way. If my choices are sharp turns or the muties standing still from time to time to grunt before doing a turn… I’ll rather have them doing sharp turns.


So you all are saying you want Dogs to behave like Old Mutants and New Mutants to behave like Dogs?

Got it.



Dogs screaming around corners at mach 91 with hairpin turns and grabbing me and running off with me into the distance would be better than getting reverse upside down doublenoscope teleport pounced.

Old muties still had some issues, one of them was muties ignoring your dodge if you dodged around map geometry (of which there is a lot). New muties did get that issue fixed but it’s a weird fix that nuked their ability to turn. It might’ve been a better solution to patch whatever issue caused muties to ignore your dodges in those conditions in the first place.

This has always been the case, even today. There was only a 2-3 day period in which that wasn’t true and muties were mega-nerfed in that short period.

People were complaining about muties back then too, it was just mired inbetween all of the other complaints and the more important problems of early Darktide.


Yeah but those complaints fell off as player skill increased. They were relatively consistent and mostly counterable with attention to positioning so they feel fair.

Now they are unpredictable which is worse.

I can say the same thing in return, the new mutie behaviour of them stopping and charging again is consistent but it’s just super weird. Given enough time we will learn how to deal with it, just like we had with old muties.

And the unreliable targeting issue is something that’s also always been there, muties then and now will sometimes just run past team mates just to get one other person that’s way further away.


Is there anything new to learn, when the new mutants are kind enough to take breaks for easy target practice with ranged weapons? Some map layouts are really unkind to muties now.

I had one run entirely through me to a different teammate yesterday, which is unchanged function since open beta.

They’re more consistently able to be dodged now, which is nice, so they don’t magnetize to you like doggos any more, but the weird stalling behavior they do is something that could be changed.


idk, muties feel pretty good rn to me

I like the old mutants more as well. Also it seems so much harder to dodge them now even when you very clearly were out of their way, they just force grab you

My problem with muties ( dogs and bomb) are the spatial sound are way off, it does it correctly sometimes but most of the time you turn around they are right next to you… you cant tell how far they are.