Mutants Feedback

I’m curious to know the success rate of mutant grabs. IDK if i’m the only one but it seems that the mutant almost always is able to get a successful grab. Now as most know once he raises his hand is the indicator to dodge but I think that his bulk gives him an advantage over the assassin rats in Vermintide. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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It feels like the Mutant singles out a squad member and focuses completely on them each charge. I’ve had Mutants go straight past me and grab someone else, and I’ve had other times when they’ve come at me out of the blue.

There has been the odd time when I’ve managed to get behind something solid and deny him the grab but it seems entirely down to luck right now.

If this is indeed the case an indication that you’re the target would be nice.

The decision-making of big enemies in Vermintide is relatively easy to understand. Shoot the Stormvermin in the back-rat and he’s going to go for you next, for example.

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My friendgroup and I absolutely loathe the way the Mutants (and Dogs) work. They seem to be able to grab you from ridiculous distances/angles. It’s just very inconsistent and as the other poster has pointed out is hard to understanding what the rules around these enemies are.

I hope they tone down how they can grab players and honestly nerf them. Making them weaker but more common would be a solution. Personally I think the Mutant should trigger a greater number of Ragers to spawn or should be followed by a few, seeing as they are using the same growth stims.

If they don’t change them the Ogryn charge should really be the hardest counter to these enemies (with proper collision knocking them to the ground not simply a weird phase through discontinuing their attacks) if not making him immune to their longer attacks. For example he could get knocked down by them but not pinned. It’d be a decent trade-off for how vulnerable that class is to ranged fire given his size.

I think mutants are totally fine as they are, to be honest. It’s not really hard to dodge the charge, or even to shoot them down on approach, so long as you are paying attention to the sound cues (you can hear them come from miles away).

They will get you in those moments when you are soloing a horde two ogryns a mauler and a trapper at the same time because your team is down, but I’m ok with that.

I also really like how they single out a target and go for 5hem no matter what. It adds to their craziness :smiley:

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Dogs seem to be able to move through terrain in certain instances.

Many times you can hear the dog but not see it and then suddenly it comes jumping out of a random part of the terrain.

Not sure if this is intended as a mechanic of the dogs or a bug with how the path.

The more I play the more it becomes clear. The mutant needs some work. I wouldnt be shocked if the grab success rate is 95% or higher…

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a lot of the time when i try to hide behind cover from a mutant it will just quickly path around it instead

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The 270 degree turns are certainly something.