Insane spawn amount and crazy grab hitbox for mutants

Both my friends and I feel as though the mutant could deal with a couple slight nerfs.

  1. The amount they spawn is just asinine. I’m sorry, but spawning 3 mutants during a horde (this is not counting the other amount of specials that spawn on higher difficulties including hounds, crushers, maulers, trappers, flamers, etc.) is just crazy especially with how they can very easily just spam the charge attack that you can’t really do anything about. Which brings me to point #2

  2. The mutant grab attack. The hitbox on this thing is crazy big and is nearly impossible to dodge. I’ve done last second dodges, I’ve done early dodges, I’ve done perfect dodges. you name it and i’ve done it and I will still be grabbed. The problem I see with this is the range at which he can grab you on top of the crazy high tracking they have. You can hear the mutant when they spawn and sit in a corner and they will just 90 degree turn that corner and immediatly grab. Where this is understandable, This brings us now to point #3

  3. How easy it is for the mutant to just continually spam the charge/grab combo as it’s really their only form of attack. If you spawn 3 mutants during a horde event, you now have 3 mutants pinning down 3 members of a 4 man team while the 4th is now fighting off any additional specials/dogs/crushers/regular horde enemies while the other 3 are continually being pummeled but a seemingly unblockable and undodgeable attack that is far too easily spammed. A fix for this spam that I feel could make a good change is make them more like the charger from Left 4 Dead. Give them the initial charge and grab attack but then give them a cooldown for said attack so they can no longer continually spam it and then give them a heavy hitting melee attack.

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