Multiple crashes in a row


Yesterday my game crashed 4 times during the same map which was quite frustrating. I’m used to the game crashing once in a while because “why not ?” but I think I might have hit the jackpot this time.

The only recent changes I made are :

  • Capping FPS to 60 due to GPU overheating issue (75C/150W/148FPS at character selection screen)
  • Reduced overall quality settings to Medium for the same reason

Maybe I had a streak of bad luck, but here are all the console logs and crash dumps from yesterday, if it can help you find a cause.

Have fun and be strong,

console-2021-06-13-19.20.52-54c600fd-8c65-409d-8a04-d23fcd2bc3bb.log (368.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-13-18.10.31-44702659-8727-4a20-b83f-a64cd45a205b.dmp (944.2 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-13-18.12.49-2433fc0e-bd44-4887-a9aa-6b2bf299b30b.dmp (882.4 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-13-18.20.06-d30d2502-7af5-45db-a9eb-75a234b905e8.dmp (969.4 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-13-18.21.04-2759a7b6-60b7-49b0-9a74-dbe47ec51120.dmp (905.3 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-13-19.20.52-54c600fd-8c65-409d-8a04-d23fcd2bc3bb.dmp (868.0 KB)

console-2021-06-13-18.12.49-2433fc0e-bd44-4887-a9aa-6b2bf299b30b.log (362.6 KB)
console-2021-06-13-18.10.31-44702659-8727-4a20-b83f-a64cd45a205b.log (346.0 KB)
console-2021-06-13-17.48.24-ae03760a-193e-4f84-a41c-f6921b34a338.log (866.4 KB)
console-2021-06-13-17.46.19-938f3efd-33cc-4cc4-943f-1a667826d5f4.log (195.4 KB)
console-2021-06-13-19.15.09-4868f67a-7a0a-4355-9d01-58af6a017189.log (379.9 KB)
console-2021-06-13-18.21.04-2759a7b6-60b7-49b0-9a74-dbe47ec51120.log (1.3 MB)
console-2021-06-13-18.20.06-d30d2502-7af5-45db-a9eb-75a234b905e8.log (190.9 KB)

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Sorry for the delay Maoulkavien, having problems with this one admittedly. The logs don’t shed much light on the underlying cause.

Have you had any other problems with overheating since then?

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Hello Julia,

No more overheating since I capped the FPS and lowered quality. I refrained from moving the quality back up to try to single out the potential suspects.

I have other data to share though : all those crashes happened when I was playing with my roommate as host, with both our PCs on the same LAN of course. As I frequently play with them I did not think it could be related, but I played ~2 hours yesterday with another friend hosting and did not experience a single crash. Also, when I crash during a game hosted by my roommate, they, as host, suffer a heavy lag for 2-5 seconds (but not the other players in the game though).

To recap :

  • Playing with roommate as host and other friends : crash + lag from host
  • Playing with same people but not me nor roommate as host : no crash (for now at least)

I might be playing this evening, if you need additionnal debug data from me or my roommate, I’ll check the forum.

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Quick update :

Played yesterday with RM as host : I did not crash but they did, twice in under 30min. We then proceeded to let another player host and all went smooth for 1 hour or so.

I’ll try to collect logs from their PC to update the ticket as soon as I can.

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If you could both provide logs from a session where you’ve played together, that would be ideal! Sorry for the inconvenience of it all.

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