More player expression methods please

Just found out you can draw on air using kerillian staff, thats absolutely fantastic, whether thats intentional or not i really REALLY really like it.

Too bad it requires some procedure to work and its not visible to other players, please do add that as a feature, set it to the social wheel down. Would it be hard to make it visible to other players? it doesn’t have to be in real time, make it so the game only passes it forward once its done, perhaps that would make it easier.
Sienna should be able to do the same but on the walls.

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It’s a cool idea, but then again I’m not so certain there’d be a lot of intellectual value in what most people would find worthwhile to communicate this way. In fact I fully expect a tide of knob & bollocks, if you know what I mean. Back when the Emporium was released there was an official poll where FS asked about the kind of stuff we’d want to purchase from there. I remember gestures being an option, so it was at least considered at one point.


Wow, that’s amazing! How do you do it?

Charge the staff all the way up to tier 3, then let the energy decay until it hits first black notch (between tiers 2 and 3) and at that moment hold inspect.

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How much time did it take you to figure this out? :joy:
I’m impressed :smiley:

I just saw it mentioned and demonstrated on a Vermintide stream.

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I am sure theres going to be penises, but once thats out of the way the possibilities for greatness will only increase.