Please make Kerillian's drawing visible to other people

We all know that elf’s staff can be used to draw funny things, thanks for that Fatshark its amazing!
However, as I tried, none of my teammates can see the drawings I’ve done, what a pity!
It will be so much pleasure if the drawings are visible to everyone.
Plz Fatshark plz!


If I had to guess, it’s because they’re afraid people would draw dicks or hate symbols.


All you said can be done with chat screen and words…
So I guess it wont be the main concern

My guess would be that they’re part of the first person animation draw layer, and putting them in the third person space would require syncing between the two (and across the network) which could be a hefty technical challenge. With the regular symbols I feel like it could be jury rigged but with custom player drawings in real time it would require maybe enough effort to defer to higher priorities.

Right now your first person and third person animations don’t match, but they don’t exactly need to. If your drawings moved to 3rd person draw they might not look as good or as well synced with your first person animations. I imagine it’s a tradeoff.

But hey, I’m a software developer on pharmaceutical tech not fatshark studios so it’s anyone’s guess. Would be a fun feature to have. Like custom sprays in half-life.

My guess though is that they also wanted to do this, but couldn’t or didn’t for some technical reason.


Maybe dont show the process but only the final result?


I feel like if it was something you had to opt in to would be fine for that issue, maybe a sanctioned mod or something like that

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