Why I hate Fatshark

Art. You have added art.

Ping it, and wait 3 more years for FS to introduce lines. (Still no Tome, or Grimoire lines lol)
Wait 5 more moths to have draw distance be fixed, cause you can only see them if you walk right into it



It would be good if art was one for all, as well as the keys.


That’s a very low threshold for hating an entire company. Are you able to shop anywhere, or do you grow your own food?

I do second that art should be one pickup for the entire team though.


IMO, you have to be willing to give a certain amount of leeway to small game developers. They’re working on tight constraints and have to prioritize things carefully, all while making enough new product to sell to keep the lights on. We may not agree with those priorities, and we may post rants on their forums to try and shift them in our favor, but at the end of the day they made a reasonably good game and it’s worth playing.

The alternative to this is to only buy games from established, well-funded companies that don’t have to nickle and dime everything to scrape by. Companies who can afford to do everything perfectly the first time, and who have unlimited resources to fix things immediately when they do go wrong. You know, like EA.


That’s why you hate them? I hate them because they won’t let me put a watchtower hat on my Dwarf.

brb, uninstalling.


Honestly, frick Fatshark.

They didn’t even give Merc Kruber a proper codpiece. It needs to be atleast twice as big, or else he won’t be able to assert dominance over the rat furries as he removes Chaos like a true Reiklander.


Very edgy title

I hate them cause you can’t have a full team of elves in the official relm :frowning: no one wants smelly dwarfs or humans

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How long have we waited till berserks and monks had their lines fixed?
Friendly reminder: both patrol engagement have special music for it?

Virgin Elf:

  • Whines constantly.

  • Acts tough - is afraid of some spooky god.

  • Can live forever if they want to - dies of boredom.

  • Entire town is attacked - is happy the trees survive.

  • The severe lack of testosterone makes telling the difference between their men and women impossible.

  • Has yet to accept the superiority of gunpowder - continues to wield a bow like a neanderthal.

  • Can’t tank for shite.

  • Wears the most conservative clothing available - refuses to wear actual armor.

  • Goes from Green Peace activist to psychopathic murderer in a gimp suit in a heartbeat.

  • Physically incapable of forming a sentence without either being condescending, sarcastic, speaking in riddles, or trying to save their own hide.

  • Tells lies about being cursed or exiled to make up for their insecurities.



  • Understands the concept of being friendly.

  • Doesn’t take lip from anyone - writes it down in his book so he can go beat the shite of them later.

  • Can strangle you with his facial hair alone.

  • Has more beer in his body than blood to the point that his liver has become a second heart to him.

  • Has a language that actually sounds cool.

  • Sings openly - spits the hottest bars.

  • Runs around topless - still tanky as heck.

  • Sick haircuts.

Yeah, think it’s pretty clear who wins this one, chief.

The Ogre does.

Hah, love it.

I also love how this thread has gone from “should probably be in the Lounge section” to “completely off the rails umgak“


Well played.

Yea, I think the OP is actually mad. Doesn’t seem to be sarcastic, but everyone else is just trolling lol

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Yeah, kinda mad cause our engame content is not a deed lobby or smth, but
pLs cOnSidER coLleCting 540 of thOsE rAnDOmly spaWnInG thInG, wHiCH yoU pRObabLY caNT sEe or PiNG correCTly

Im so freaking salty about it

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Most Green Peace activists are psychopathic murderers who’ll not flinch if they have to choose between a human and any other more or less endangered species.
Sometimes I wonder if an intelligent human should be considered an endangered one :thinking:


The most annoying thing however is that you can only see in chat that someone has found art. No any sound or visual notification, which tomes and grims have

The most annoying thing however is that you can only see in chat that someone has found art. No any sound or visual notification, which tomes and grims have

Tomes and Grims impact the party overall, whilst art does not. It’s still possible to use the social wheel to bring to light a found art scrap though.

As for the rest of this thread? Whew.

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