More deeds please

Well, I’ve done most achievements and I’m out of deeds at this point but I’m only at 129 deeds done and I just can’t get enough from loot chests. Is there a way you guys can make it so that we can get as many deeds as we need to do the 500 deeds challenge? Or is this planned for another patch in x months once again… I’m not sure why we get so few deeds and a 500 deeds challenge at the same time. It’s pretty much all that I like to play at this point also since vanilla lgd is boring.


Speedrun recruit or find ppl with deeds.

I saw a lot ppl with 300+ deeds right now (frame), so there should be enough for teams.

That’s pretty much it. Remember, the host doesn’t need to be the one to start a map; anyone can do it (and do so on their own deeds). In a full party, you have four people’s Deeds to work with.

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