More Characters and Loadouts MOD

The Modders do again what FS should have done/allowed AGES ago…


Just like the Height mod, I think this is something that is easy but isn’t priority, compared to you know, making the new classes work.

Like they are most likely swamped with work and different things that they have to make work.


my guess is that FS code allows it but it’s not in the UI yet.
It’s probably coming next patch (4th Oct) same with blessing updates and height

but this is just my guess :slight_smile:

My personal guess is after they release the class rehaul they’re going to get started on the crafting rehaul which will include this system & the weapon mod system since it seems like a lot of the work already got put in.

(Source: Catfish did say they’re planning on still looking into the crafting during the dev blog of update 12, so it seems like they’re not closed off on it completely.)

What I’m curious about: What happens if you uninstall the mod? Does your character and loadout disappear then?

That’s interesting, because she also took several suggestions in Discord and in DMs and said she passed them on to the combat theme.
And I see some of the suggested things being put into practice.

It’s great, because we finally get to see the potential of Darktide realized. And for those of us who knew the day would come, we can be doubly happy because now we can go “Told you so”. :3

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"Increase the number of character slots to 8 and loadouts to 12 per characters.

Removing the mod won’t delete the characters or loadouts above the default limit (5) but you won’t be able to create new ones until you remove enough to get below the limit or re-enable the mod."

At least that’s what the Modder said…

I will be careful & only create additional characters to farm for weapon blessings, resources and such.

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i wouldn’t recommend using this mod, the limit is there for a reason, i want to belive its just there to limit the flood of ghost characters, but we don’t know
while i sincerely hope that FS won’t monetize slots, it is at least a possibility
and with with having this mod you’re messing with their capacity to decide what to make of it,

and while i think FS won’t just ban users for using mods, i also once thought FS wasn’t going to heel to tencent they may even put out a cease and desist for the mod author.


Not just that, you’re basically forcing the server to host more of your own data

And there’s also an argument to be made about farming weeklies on more accounts than you’re supposed to have


If there were more classes to pick from and an increased inventory of new weapons being added, then I would most definitely download this mod.

But this kind of seems excessive in terms what the game already offers.

Now an argument can be made that you enjoy other voice actors than others so you make a new character for them or that given your chosen backstory from the very start of the game could alter in-game progression in some manner.

The voice actor part I completely get but the backstory choices and seeing what that effects further down the road probably hasn’t been thought of at all or even considered in an impactful way.

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If anyone can drag themselves through 8 characters worth of weeklies, I say let them do it. They’re clearly masochists.


Sweet, sweet pain! :rofl:

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I think this mod, while indisputably clever, is clearly out of modding remit.

It’s fatsharks game. They clearly imposed a 5 character limit. That’s what it should be.

Anyone going above that does so at their own risk.

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It’s up to FS to tell us & the modder, that this mod is outside the remit.

They are clearly aware of the mod.

No doubt.

Given how it differs from game design to the extent it changes it, you are of course within your remit to use it. But also not complain if it gets nuked.

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Sure. No complains from me.

However how the mod works is, that Fatshark had intended 8 slots per account and locked them to five. It just unlocks orginal intended 8 slots. in oder to “nuke” the mod, they would have to rework all accounts. Or so I assume it would go.
Potentially cousing more grief for even users that don’t even use the mod.

Not a good idea to play around with existing accounts & removing slots from their end.

aren’t all the mods vetted before they’re put up on there? I thought everything went through the modding discord which is monitored by FS staff to make sure that things are accepted/approved. Or, rather not torn down/told no early on.

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expect that they will increase slots in accordance with new classes, if people complain that they cannot create the awesome new class because they now have clogged up the slots with clones im going insane

Like that’s a problem.

Fictitious Mod User complaining:
“Hey I got 8 Characters in 8 Slots, 3 of which I only have because of a Mod!
Now I can’t make more & try out the new classes!”

FS reply should be:
“Yeah, dumbarse!
Delete some of those and you can!
And be happy we let this mod go through in the first place!”

Problem solved.

yeah because people are known to live up to bad choices

Punishment must be! :crazy_face:

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