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Hello fellow rat cull instigators. Has anyone heard any news on the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly updates that were planned. I remember some posts from many moons ago that indicated these might be some kind of regular updates on what Fatshark are working on.

It is difficult to keep up with the multitude of platforms that updates are posted so apologies if I have missed similar topics, or the updates themselves.

Also I understand that things are pretty dead at the moment but I still need my Vermintide fix!

I dont think you missed something.
FS seems to work on a lot of bugs , since nearly everyday the last week , they ran through the Forum and “acknowledged” bug posts.
They’re probably just back from vacation and dont even dare to tell us something, since the roadmap was crap and the shitstorm did enough. Even a lot of coregamer left or sitting here in the Forum and joking / crying about FS.

So hopefully FS stays over it and is still working on the game. The could even say “ok Community… you dont like our work, so bye…”

Yeh I remember them mentioning they were on holiday last month and kind of expected a drought of information but good to know I havent missed anything important. Would be nice to get some info outside of the Dev streams.

Was it crap or was it contingent on a risk/risks not manifesting that did manifest? Just because a plan fails does not mean that the plan was crap.

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Most definitely crap. They knew exactly when they would work on xbone version. They seemed to have grossly underestimated the time and effort it takes to make a console port and get it approved by MS.

I mean the plan could’ve been to push the contents of the road map before that. Just because something gets postponed indefinitely after it has failed to be made in the scope of the plan does not necessarily mean that the original plan was a bad one, given the information they had.

I’m not saying the plan was good, mostly because I don’t know the details and I was not there. But I’d not jump to the conclusion that the plan was obviously bad or even that they outright lied (as some seem to suggest).

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There is a line between ambition and delusion. Their roadmap was absolute delusion, with what they set out to do.

I didn´t mean it in a bad state. The plan wasn´t crap at all. Maybe crap is even a bad definition. Let´s say they did a big mistake and obviously earned the shitstorm through it. Just because something like the roadmap existed, ppl took that as promises and we see what happend now.

On the other sight it wouldn´t have changed so much. Probably not that much shitstorm from the “lovely community”. It´s a low prize game with expected content. It was obvious,that it won´t hold 70k players for more than maybe 2 weeks.

How would you think that the risk “We need to rework & retest large part of the game due to unknown cause” manifesting affects tight schedules? Is a plan that assigns a smallish chance to that, admittedly severe, risk a bad one? If not, does it turn into a bad plan when that risk manifests?

Ah, fair enough. :slight_smile:

V1 launch was horrible. They should have learned from there that every launch, especially with such a short beta testing period like V2, is prone to having severe bugs, because situations come up in normal gameplay that you cant test. Combinations of many factors, say you stand in a globadier cloud while a gunner is suppressing you, a packmaster grabs you while a rat ogre gives you a good ol swing. Maybe everything works out, maybe something goes horribly wrong and the game crashes (backend error 1342 anyone?)

I expect a certain grip on reality. As i said, it was straight up delusional. Maybe with a perfect launch. Maybe.

Beta´s are normally server stresstests or in case of V2 P2P tests and if the game is working at all. (press QP and it should start etc.) Maybe FS even want some feedback for class balancing or bugs, but a lot of ppl just “abuse” the beta to play the game (sometimes even for free) and have a look into it. Not everyone will make an account and report the bugs they found. (sadly)

Maybe FS could´ve finished their plans, but somebody came in like:

“BOAARRRR DUDES! I brainstormed the whole day and got the perfect idea… Let´s sheet on the Raodmap and MAKE MONEY!”
Xbox one happens. ^^

I don´t mind it… Just a side-joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let´s pray for the future and hope for good content and maybe even V1 maps. Until that a lot of “100 Games played as…” and 500 deeds - quests need my attention…

Which is perfectly fine if the beta is a goodie to sell more preorders.

i remembered when v1 first launched, it was close to christmas and new year. i think i twas like oct or nov or something been too long. and the game had a lot of bugs. i dont think the shrine praying thing was release yet. and the dev went afk for like a whole month (or 2). and the community was like “games ded D:!!”

im seeing the same thing right now lulz

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