Roadmap ?! :D

Not an update since launch, lots of big promises before and now nothing, at least update it once / month lol.

The handle of this roadmap really reflects bad on FS imo.


Another post about the road map.

Please… Just let it end…


I wonder if there is nuance to “promises”: Does a road map mean “here’s what we got planned at this point in time” or “this is a schedule we have committed to delivering”?

It’s more of the first. “This is what we’re planning to do and when, based on our current workload, resources and other things.” It’s not a deadline, and the timings are/were vague anyway, and as any project schedule, things never go as planned. This time a certain big blunder happened and a ton of bugs and balance issues needed fixing before things could be returned to track, and the XBox release did have an actual deadline, I think, messing up things even more. Then summer and vacations came up, so things got delayed even more.

There’re good reasons why project schedules made public isn’t a good idea, even if they aren’t strict deadlines.

Yeah, but now I´m kinda out.

Waited for so long, hearing excusses over excusses.

I had a lot of fun but also - and thats more - a lot of time wasted to bugs and correlated death ingame or wipes. I started waiting for a few month and it feels like the same even though we now have missions and challenges. Which feels good but also lame cause u had a long time leveling up and now its fast af
and it feels like this should be in at the begining and also as being an excuse for more content.
(it felt like grinding to hit lvl30 and to get equipment to 300 / now like it should be: it´s better)

I finished to wait for the dlc. Now I´ll propably not buy one or touch this game again for like a year or more. It´s nice and makes fun but the fun fades fast as there is no new content or mechanics to explore.
So I guess a dlc is about 20€ or so and I´m not paying more than 5€ for a few more maps as the main part.

Don´t get me wrong the maps are super cool and the surely are made within a lot of time.
But the money could be spend better when looking at few maps like it happend in V1.
So if it´s the same like in V1, only one of us will buy the dlc and we split the costs, so 2-3€/person is ok.

I rly like the game even though I won´t play it in the near future and I wouldn´t tell my friends to buy it any more. Cause it´s not for most players and also many players lose there interesst in this game very fast.

Sorry for my bad english


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