Mobs shoot through allies

So far in all of my gameplays, I noticed that enemy mobs can shoot trough each other. In large swarm or horde it is annoying that we are limited to not shoot through allies but the enemy mobs can shoot through theirs.


yeah this is a big one.

Solution: enable friendly fire for enemies and increase the number of enemies to compensate.

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I agree, there’s been a few times where I’m fighting a horde and then I barely see a sniper’s red laser peaking out through some of them - but then be unable to dodge to the side (or because the dodge got nerfed pretty badly) since there’s enemies and the sniper just smokes me through a fence and then through the horde to hit me.

Or I’m fighting a horde and suddenly like, 3 shotgunners just run out from around the corner and I have nowhere to go. Get melted in seconds as they shoot me through all the pox walkers

Didn’t feel fair at all to me and I got really annoyed :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait till you play Damnation.

Endless trash spawns of aimbot shooters. Who shoot while moving.
Stun you with ranged fire while you’re in melee. Shotgun / autogun snipers.
Dual sniper spawns.

Sometimes you’re out of ammo trying to break out of spawn from sniping all the ranged. And they’re still spawning.

Try to run into melee? Stunlocked the moment you leave cover.

Very fun /s