Please get rid of players and enemies walking through each other

It’s been an issue for some time now. Players can all essentially stand in the exact same spot. This makes it so that when shooting or performing melee, you just end up hitting other players, and obscures lines of sight, making it hard to even know what to attack or where it is.

This is doubly bad, as for some inexplicable reason, ENEMIES can ALSO stand in the same spot you occupy, letting them get inside your melee and shooting range to hit you while you’re unable to see them because they’re inside your body. Why that was cleared as an acceptable feature I have no idea.

I don’t see any issues arising from not allowing players and enemies to pass through each other. It’s already a feature of the game that you can shoot other players, so we have to work to get clear lines of sight anyway. And not being able to have two or more enemies literally standing in the same spot you are, able to hit you while you’re unable to see them clearly would be a huge improvement.

Maybe it would force the hordes to work more realistically as well, instead of being able to run through each other to reach the players or climb out of whatever area they’re emerging from, but then that would also balance things a bit better by not letting specials essentially swim in trash tides, surrounded and covered from being hit til you kill enough trash for shots to connect.

This is a bad idea. Players will stand in doorways shooting and block other players. That’s why players never have collision.


Wouldn’t that only be trolls who would do that? Also, you can’t shoot when you’re clipping into someone else. The bullets hit the inside of their body (mainly Ogryns, who tend to block a lot with their size anyway.

There are usually more than one path you can take to get to the goal, and most if not all of them tend to come together in the same places. One player standing in a door and refusing to move wouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Plus if that one player decides to try to block a passage, wouldn’t they be taking all the hits and damage until they moved? The only way this would work even as a troll would be temporarily, and then they would be dead, run out of ammo, or have had their team go a different path and leave them behind.

A lot of players are pretty oblivious. I think we’ve all been standing there shooting at an enemy position then an Ogryn walks right through you and stops in front of your line of fire.

True. But this would stop that wouldn’t it? If they couldn’t walk through you, it would get players to pay more attention to their teammates positions.

That’s not my point, my point is they don’t pay attention to where they stand. They will block you and you won’t be able to move through them to get a better shot if it’s a narrow corridor. Not to mention people blocking doors on purpose.

Yep, it would be awful. Honestly I see no positives in this. It works well as it is now.

Why not have it so players are solid to each other for a second, then can walk through each other. Stops accidental wanderings into each other and stops people from just blocking doorsways.

Yeah been playing online game since the 90’s and that is a TERRIBLE idea, I remember how much of a pain it was to try to navigate chokes with that issue.

simple fix, friendly fire on heresy+

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  1. Enemies should not be able to occupy the same spot as you period. Anybody who thinks otherwise get the f*ck outta here.

  2. Let players run through each other.

  3. Up till Malice let players shoot through each other and no friendly fire.

  4. Starting with Heresy make players block each others’ shots, but enable friendly fire.

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