Moar class speculations

with the “release date” trailer we got some more insight on character traits,
and as character traits translate to gameplay i thought it could be fun to theorise.

so the first thing said is “thraun(?),… even the ogryn plays faster than you.”
wich gives us 2 clues

  1. she is impatient, maybe reckless even, we saw her with a powersword, gives me the impression she might be of a fast gameplay style, also could mean something with explosives but that might be too far fetched.
  2. thraun(?) is slow, a strategist, calculating and/or stoic, as he only anwsers the inquiring guard with groans and a chuckle.this sugest to me that he is either heavy/special weapons guy that is good at locking down pathways and creating oportune battlefield

assuming fatshark continues the class system what do you think could fit those characters?
as for reckless sergant lady i could see a melee specialised class maybe even catachan? i think i saw a few female catachan modells not sure tho, a more balanced class would be her base cadia equiped version, and last maybe a class leaning more into the commanding role as a support class, most visual distinct would be a commisar but might be tough to justify a commisars presense for such a suicide mission squad idk.

as for Thraun(?) first thing comes to mind is a kasrkin/stormtrooper acess to versatile and specialised ranged weapons.
2nd maybe heavy weapons career with acess to powerful weapons and the ability to create fortified positions

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*Throne. As in the Golden Throne of the Emperor. A mild oath. Like how Kruber’s always saying “Taal’s breath!” or such.

Speaking of names, they are labeled in the subtitles as Ogryn, Veteran, and Veteran 2. Veteran 2 was originally mislabeled Zealot so that’s probably the priestess’ name. Those are either placeholders or we’re getting more generic type characters like Deep Rock’s Gunner, Driller, etc.

Also seems like the veteran grunting might be a kasrkin based off the mask, so possibly more of a elite/professional feel to them? On the subject of oaths and such, I’m wondering if we might get a Vervunhiver or Tanith subclass, seeing as Abnett wrote the Gaunts Ghosts novels. It’d be fun to hear “Sacred Feth!” as a big demon rounds the corner.

It’s just a carapace armour, it’s not exclusive to Kasrkin

And his isn’t really like a Kasrkin

Compared to


Weird thoughts here…with the recent reveal of the return of the “Squats” i gotta say…Darktide could be a hell of a first outing for the recently returned space dwarves

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while releasing the game with a “sqaut” simultaniously upon their re-release into the tabletop makes sense marketing wise.
but i highly doubt that we will see a “squat” among the playable characters, or any below human size character for that matter.
having the odd character who has to engage the enemies from a different angle can work as seen with bardin.

but having both a squat and ogryn on the same team would become quite the hassle.
the ogryn player would find it incredbly hard to keep a player in his peripherals who is barily as high as his knee and the squat player on the other hand would constantly find himself obstructed by a mass of dumb but adorably loyal big E fan.
also what variety bring squats to the table in terms of equipments? afaik they have acess to rare tech right? but do they have truly unqie stuff that offer a new avenues of gameplay like a psyker would?
(actually curious i don’t know a whole lot about them)


Ill be honest, they are re introducing the squats asthe “Leauges of Voltan” i belive and there is not a HUGE deal of info on what weapons they will keep/lose in the new race transfer thing. And equally little info on what unique weapons they have. But with the announcement they are a full fledged faction and not a sub sect (allies though i belive?) of the imperium they would have to have some kind of unique weapons.

Squat are basically out of the picture for Darktide

"Of course we talked about Squats, but no, because then they’re just going to be Space Bardin,” De Geer
And they have revealed the weaponries of the Kin

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