The Ogryn were a mistake

I love the Ogryn. I love the voice lines. I love the inclusion. I love how accurate they are to the lore (for the most part, I get ignoring their inherent claustrophobia).

But I absolutely despise how they work as team-mates. They are too big. They block most lines of fire, in a game that’s heavily emphasizing the gunplay aspect. Even if you’re at the front of the party, by the second you’re firing your third shot in Aim-Down-Sights, you’re firing into the back of the sprinting Ogryn and you’re wasting precious ammo. A particular concern with certain guns.

In a game with map design that emphasizes narrow quarters, limited space to move and postion yourself, having a character that blocks several lines of fire by their sheer bulk feels like a questionable choice. I understand, the Ogryn were meant to the Bardin of Darktide: The lovable but odd tank that can be surprisingly good at shooting.

But Bardin was, fittingly enough for a Dwarf, SHORT, so you could easily shoot over his head, and he was as wide as every other character. And this was in a game that emphasised melee over shooting, with no friendly fire from melee.

Having the Ogryn be melee focused makes downright unfun to play the Veteran, because it just feels like you’re being punished for playing to your class’ strengths, namely gunplay. See an enemy, pop your ult, aim down sights for that killshot… and hit the backside of an Ogryn running in front of you into the Scab gunners and tox flamers. And that’s just with one Ogryn.

And don’t think your grenade will net you many kills. No, you, the Veteran of countless battles, don’t know how to cook off a grenade to shorten the timer. You’ll lob it and wait the prerequisite four seconds, while your Ogryn team-member reduces that same horde into infested gibblets using his semi-automatic impact detonation grenade launcher, his automatic shotgun, or his heavy stubber before your grenade has time to detonate.

Emperor have mercy on your soul if there’s more than one Ogryn in your party. You may as well discard your gun - much to the dismay of Hadron - and just stick to your old shovel and accept whatever scraps the Ogryn are willing to let you have, with their superior firepower and superior melee capabilities. If you’re doing an Assassination mission, just sit down and watch the two Ogryn beat the boss to a pulp in seconds with their melee, regardless of the difficulty.

Darktide is a fantastic game. I love it, I love the gameplay, I love the attention to detail, I love the attention to lore, I love the personalities of the Rejects. I even love the parts of the Ogryn that I opened with. But I despise playing with an Ogryn. They lack balance, and they don’t mesh with the other classes, Veteran in particular.


You know that Ogryn is probably pulling all the aggro from the front so you can shoot without dealing with too many enemies. As in dwarf cases, being short has one major flaw, you can’t see sh*t. Ogryn can see special enemies and deal with them without counting on the Elf… I mean Veteran.


You are right, I’m playing ogryn, Me and my veteran mate have to allways coordinate where I can stand to crowd control, so he can pick off the elites. When I saw the ogryn class trailer with the Maul and shield I wondered why they didn’t use an enforcer. Riot shield, schock maul and grenade thrower with an “I am the law” crowd control ability. Then every class could use the shared weapons like Las or autogun.


Couldnt you just, i dont know…move? Its not like the ogryns are some omnipresent object blocking all 360 degrees of vision.
Even better, aim at an enemy the ogryn isnt already stomping into oblivion, theres bound to more.


Pretty much this. I’ve got an ogryn on my team and he’s never an issue. while him and I as zealot focus down melee or lock down elites, the vet/psyker can always focus down specials and everything that isn’t handled by us. Once that’s done they either join us in meleeing or we move forward as a group.


You don’t feel safe as a veteran behind those big burly manly arms? I know I do.


I think it’s to give more thematic space.

Like the Psyker is out of the balance. It hold a space no one else can.

But Enforcer, Ratling and plenty of other choices would end up too close to the other Archetypes

Like an Enforcer career could work for either Zealot or Veteran

It all depends on how it’s approached. Ratlings could be more of a ‘support sniper’ than ‘dps gunner’ like the veteran is. Maybe with passives to boost regen or things like that, as iirc, in the Lore, typical guard regiments both love and hate having ratlings attached, cause they’re great shots with their needle rifles, and good cooks, but well, they have a ‘smell’ (much like ogryns tbh) and things tend to go missing with ratlings around.

Combat wise, it would make most sense to be ranged, but perhaps instead of focusing only on raw damage, could focus on lining up colaterals with their weapons, or focusing heavy armor which, for the most part, is some what problematic for most (I know there are weapons to deal with such, however, this would allow less of the ‘must take bolter’ type thing going on that I see)

Active ability could throw down a ‘used’ version of the ammo crate, only letting two allies reload ammo, and can only be charged by picking up ammo while full (with amount dependent on the ammo thing picked up) Cohesion ability could also be along the lines of the ratling getting ammo when others pick up or gain ammo, meaning they wouldn’t really need to pick up other than to charge their ability etc.

But again, all that can be covered by the Veteran, there is nothing exceptional that a regular human couldn’t do. While for the Ogryn what he use could only use able by him.

That’s why I don’t think the Ratling or the Squat would have been a good alternative for the Ogryn.

And why I think that those 2 would not be thr dlc Archetypes

Ogryn are fine. You’re quite literally playing the easiest class in the game which also happens to be the strongest.

Putting just a little brain power put into positioning will fix this whole issue for you. Ogryn is a wall, you can’t shoot through walls, you shoot around them.

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I’ve made a post that I’m gathering up all posts related to the Ogryn until Fatshark gives us individual class topic pages please give it a view and like so Fatshark can see our feedback all in one place.

I’ve linked this post to there.


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Ogryn “SMASH”
Ogryn “SHOOT”
Ogryn “Save little Man”




Been playing in the pre-order beta a bit now (as everything OTHER than the big slabs) wanting to make an Ogryn but, seems like they’re at a massive disadvantage against the ranged enemies (which can be brutal and still continue to be oppressive in cqc when they’re even slightly out of visual but still within 10m or so)… which is a shame because their personalities in the character builder are so dead-on.

Also: was there a mix up on the personality naming scheme? The Brawler directly references screwing up a body guard job… and the Body Guard has seemingly no reference… yeah, bit surface level but it seems like a weird thing when the brawler is keenly adamant about protecting things.

Yea, the biggest reason I like my Voidstrike Staff is because it fires through team mates. The second I play Veteran I’m just cursing the whole way that these idiots should please not stand in the very obvious red lasers flying at the enemies.

It’s not just Ogryns either.

Just wait until they introduce friendly fire to the higher difficulties, thats when the real fun begins.


You’d think that; but if you’re both going/fighting in the same direction he’s always going to be in your field of view, and often at a choke point like a doorway.

Good Ogryn’s know to stand to the side and not directly in front of the team. That said, Ogryn’s need a feat rework imo. If we had the option to spec into taking less range damage, they would be in a much better spot. It drives me crazy that so many things force you to go into a heavy attack build as Ogryn. It limits build options to the point that I feel I don’t really have any choices on how I build Ogryn.

Huh, I thought Zealot was DT’s Elf.

Zealot Preacher is the Slayer

Same drive to kill itself

I must say that I can only partly agree. I believe ppl are trying to play these classes with some pre-concieved notions based either on other games or even genres. I don’t think Ogryn and his bulk is an issue if you play with a bit of coordination and use his skill more tactically (to stop charging enemies, get to surrounded teamm8s or to downed characters etc.) You do not have to play an Ogryn in first line and a good Vet will try to find elevated positions to snipe targets. I know it is not always possible, trust me put enough time in all classes in this beta, still I am sure as ppl will learn their classes better, ther will be less issues as OP is having during missions. Futhermore on higher difficulties, there is enough Elites from all sides that you will easily split between targets - ranged ones for Vet and Psyker, close quarters and grabbers for others.