Mixed feelings about community managers

Thing is that some weapons have a stat called “Collateral” which is increase the amount of suppression you do afaik. Which implies some weapons deal less suppression and others more. By design it’s not supposed to work 100% of the time, you are supposed to use specialized weapons for it.

it feels bad, I agree. But that’s the design intent, so them not reacting is the game working properly.

I use staffs, all staffs have an area in which they suppress with their Blaze bolt about 5m and purgatus has 10-20m area. The problem is not whether all weapons suppress, the problem is that the weapons that do suppress are not consistent in their suppression and I can tell from the usage of these staffs that they just don’t do it consistently.

And that’s where I think the Collateral stat comes into play. I’m not sure if it works with RNG or if it’s a suppression bar enemies have that needs to be filled, but the inconsistencies can be explained by those staves having a collateral number that doesn’t provide consistent suppression.

my entire point is that the inconsistency is probably BY DESIGN due to the collateral stats.

Purgatus literally has it baked into its cloud size how far it suppresses guaranteed, so when I tell you, it doesn’t do it properly that’s because suppression isn’t working properly. It is the same issue with the Flamer for Zealots.

It should always suppress mobs in the cloud radius, it does not. It’ll stagger them, they’ll recover… They’ll start shooting rather than fleeing and finding cover. This isn’t very noticeable in small corridors, but in the Desert maps with it’s relatively large open spaces you see them far too often just not give a damn - when they should give a damn.

This works perfectly in the Meat Grinder, it will always suppress mobs in its radius, the minute you get out of the Meat Grinder, that stops.

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I can assure you more is missing.

  1. Being able to customize your own armor from color, markings, acessories, necklaces …
  2. Attachments and gun customization
  4. Missing guns
    And more that I’ve not heard about.

The player feedback in this game is ignored, straightup.
One of the community managers is (to be blunt) a jackxass
The game has too much time gated stuff.

Literally, one of the feats was marked as “not-a-bug” when it literally is! Scab shooters, the ones with the bandana are NOT marked with the last Veteran Sharpshooter feat (the middle one).


Where was this promised or advertised?

Not a thing either, see earlier discussion in this thread.

Yeah that is point 1.

It’s not a bug if it intentionally that way. You’re free to criticize and provide feedback on that though but it shouldn’t count as an unfinished feature. Scab shooters without the gas mask not being highlighted by Veteran's Counterfire is "not-a-bug" - #17 by Jakkarra

Attachment and Gun Customization was shown in their promotional trailer, so it was a thing until they decided it “didn’t fit the theme” and was in the FAQ for a very long time - until they decided to erase everything related to it to avoid backlash.


Its funny cus hedge is the one who first talked about the scoreboard being toxic in vernintide 2 but after all this time im pretty sure he just got too many games where the only green circle he had was damage taken.


That’s such a tired excuse. Psykers should be on daily lottery to have their character deleted because emprah needs sacrifices. /Lore


You are just a teenager without any experience in works with people.

1 mistake is always too much. I don’t mean you can get fired if you mistreat a customer (unless, ofc, for extreme situations).
But you cannot justify snarking and patronizing the customers.
And I’m sure if you 'd be on the receiving end of some comments, even if you were completely wrong, you would be upset.


I’m in my thirties and I’m not offended by anything Hedge has said. Probably because I don’t hinge a huge part of my personality/happiness on a game unlike many on these forums/Reddit/steam seem to.

Hedge says something a bit snarky, I laugh and move on because I’ve seen over a decade the sh!t he’s had to deal with, and I’m not 13 so I’m not gonna throw a temper tantrum about godamn weapon attachments. Most of us wouldn’t survive the amount of vitriol and man child screaming he has to field. This thread existing at all is frankly unbelievably gross and extremely disappointed in @Spazz who has otherwise posted a bunch of level headed, well put together feedback.

Otherwise just want to echo what @TmanDW said earlier in this thread, they were spot on.


I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed, but so am I. Hedge has failed in delivering the basic PR management between the players and Fatshark. Not just a single time, but numerous times in the past 2 weeks. Considering the constant drama and the poor reception of the game’s release I think we can all agree now is a very poor time for jokes and snarky replies.

If you don’t feel the same way I do that’s fine, but I still very much want to voice my opinion on the recent drama that had the community bringing pitchforks and torches to reddit, discord and also both the steam and fatshark forums. I don’t really follow this thread unless somebody tags me on it, because I’m not here for the drama. All I want is a change of tone and clear answers instead of banter when things aren’t in a good place.


I respect that you’re not here for the drama, but I still think creating what would clearly devolve into a targeted hate thread was quite a few steps too far. I really don’t think any of the people complaining about him have any idea of the kind of strains he’s under. His comments were a little snarky, not particularly rude and not at all hateful. I can recognise a man at the end of his rope when I see one. I just wish people would stop making this such a vitriolic fight. Not saying you’ve done that exactly, but by creating this thread you’ve certainly encouraged it.

Anyway you’ve said your piece, I’ve said mine. I don’t have anything against you generally. I just find this thread repulsive in light of the actual statements made.


he’s just a human, he makes mistakes like anyone else would under these stressful conditions.

can you put it in question what he has said? yeah sure, but don’t go around trying to paint anyone like a douche.

the man has been under the watchful eyes of thousands, and half of em constantly barrage them on how broken/shite the game or game-mechanics are or stinky the steam review is, that’s bound to do something to you watching the thing you prepared for 3 years fall on its nose this hard.

in the end of the day it was their own doing but doesn’t mean that doesn’t affect you.


You’re being very silly right now. The criticism lied therein of thread is no way unwarranted, or, as you put it, ‘gross’. We must view Fatshark in a critical light after they failed to deliver us a product that’s worth playing. Darktide launched with incomplete features, time wasting mechanics, and quite frankly isn’t a great product at this time. This developer over promised us the potential of Darktide with trailers that none of which told us there would be an RNG shop with hourly refresh on loot, or how I couldn’t get my favorite weapon from 40k, the Eviscerator, within a reasonable manner. As well as the fact that interviews from the developers created expectations of crafting which mislead us into believing we’d be able to customize our weapons the way we want - which didn’t materialize in any tangible form. Then there was the steam blog posts misdirecting the nature of the class system leading us to believe it’d be different from Vermintide 2 only for the class system to be, not only identical, but a regression from prior releases. Let’s not forget the egregious monetization model that wasn’t communicated properly to us; I was expecting the same player friendly cash shop from Vermintide 2 but instead I received a cash shop that’s much worse than that.

Fatshark’s dishonest marketing is further compounded by the fact that Chaos Spawn isn’t even in the game, I love that dude from Vermintide 2, and he isn’t here. Shame on you Fathark.

Why yes, I do enjoy playing video games, and have a pleasant time spending time doing so. It’s my favorite hobby; however when I get disappointed I criticize my hobby, I am not fine with being given a crap product by a developer that I expected better from.

Maybe you’re fine with that - I’m not.

Hedge is saying passive aggressive comments towards disgruntled, we’re rightfully upset I might add, customers; if he doesn’t want his behavior to be criticized, then maybe his company should have delivered a better product. Fact of the matter is that a representative shouldn’t be ‘trolling’ us when Darktide disappointed so many people.

As for your other snide remarks about maturity. I am not at all impressed nor humored by it. Grow up.


This is literally the first thing in your comment that is at all relevant to what I said, so I’m going to disregard everything before this. I’m all for criticism of game mechanics. I am completely against threads targeting specific people to hate on.

I guarantee you would drown in a week trying to do Hedge’s job. I made implications about the maturity of people being vitriolic because the primary place I’ve seen this kind of lack of empathy is in teenagers, though of course anonymity of the internet feeds these tendencies.

I’m here defending someone who I have directly observed put in blood sweat and tears for the community over a damn long time, get snappy in response to a torrent of venom. Meanwhile you’re defending an online lynch mob, telling me to grow up with a straight face. Please reevaluate your world view.

I would much rather we were discussing game elements, but I’m not gonna sit back and watch people act this way over a goddamn video game silently. Not talking about everyone here, but the gross hatred I’ve seen spilled over the game belies a complete lack of worldly perspective (hence immature). This is literally a case of touch grass.


Why are you assuming that I’ve never worked in Customer Service? I’ve had customers yell at my face before in person. I’ve had days where I wanted to come home and just cry. Sometimes I don’t even want show up to work because of that crap. People can be downright inconsiderate at times. Thank god I don’t work at that job anymore. However, that doesn’t excuse Hedge’s troll comments, it does not.

I don’t think I’ve done anything of the sort that implies this behavior. If so, then fine, I apology to @Fatshark_Hedge - I’m sorry. However I’m entitled to calling him out on being a jerk.

That’s fine and all but you need to reread what I wrote to you instead of ignoring parts of my post and zoning in on a specific section. I told you to grow up because of your downright insulting comments.


Unironically it is teenagers who mostly overvalue words and undervalue actions.
No, I’m in my thirties and have seen some things. I rather think you don’t know how the world works. Not every strategy works all the time with the every type of customer. The “be nice and comforting” thing really only works with women and a few male personality types.
There is a number of male personality types completely turned off by the classic service mantra and you’ll not close the sale playing those cards.

So yes, I totally can justify snarking to the customer. In fact I’ve seen sales personnal whip out ad hominems or approach people in a total ballsy manner and they reacted positive to it. Even closed the sale.
All depending on the vibe and context. You’d be surprised what some people get away with.

Anyway. The context of this board and the gaming community in general is rather toxic banter. That’s our context. So throwing some toxicity back is unironically appropiate, depending on how it’s handled. Now the viciousness and level is to be debated, but considering the stuff that’s been thrown around here it was mild. Definitely not the big deal everybody is making it out to be.

We are entering a new age. An age in which “The customer is always right” is a thing of the past and that’s a good thing. Because a lot of customers really aren’t right or knowledgable at all.

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Fair enough, I know real life customer service can also be awful. I just know that the sheer volume and relative anonymity of the internet usually takes this to the next level. Also I’m sure Hedge himself regrets some of those specific comments. I just don’t think they were that bad.

I’d have to scroll back further through this threads and others, but TBC the comments about vitriol are not particularly aimed at you. Also I’m cognisant of the fact these forums are usually significantly more pleasant and level headed than what pops up on Reddit or Steam forums, and Hedge has to monitor all those platforms, so whatever you see here you can be sure he’s seeing SIGNIFICANTLY worse stuff elsewhere. My comments were aimed pretty broadly.

I did read it all before posting, and now again before this reply. I still don’t have much to say about it because I agree and am also frustrated with pretty much all the issues you’ve raised. I only really disagree with the “failed to deliver us a product that’s worth playing part”. Not worth playing past 200 hours? Quite probably in its current state, though I’ll have to wait till I’m at that point myself to judge (a bit over 60 hours currently, 95% of which just spent on Zealot).

My point was just that that context still doesn’t justify some of the stuff I’ve seen leveled at the CMs. Again, that’s not really aimed at you specifically, just at what you were implicitly defending.

Anyway you’ve been reasonable enough and I’ve more than said my piece, so happy to move on if you are. I think we can both agree there are more important aspects of the game to be discussing currently.


So you imply that you’ve worked in customer service, took a lot of cräp during it, and because you just stood there and swallowed it all, others should too. (Even though you describe it as a horrible and traumatic time you wish to never revisit.) Look, I’m sorry that you have no sense of self-worth or something, but that doesn’t even mean that your coping strategy is the proper one. And before you’re going to accuse me of being a teenager with no life experience as well: I work in emercency healthcare, where we’re dealing with emotional and distressed people all day. Getting yelled at and being verbally abused is one of the milder things I need to deal with. But I can tell you: When patients or their familie / friends cross a line, the right thing isn’t to just eat it, but to clearly point out crossing boundaries won’t be accepted. In the heat of the situation sometimes that can happen flippantly, and sure, that might not always be the most professional, but it sure is better than your strategy…

Also, all this outrage about Hedge personally is just büllshit. I’m also dissapointed with a lot about Darktide’s release and I’ve been vocal on that (just check my recent post history on this forum), but this entire thread and its sentiment is nothing but projecting disapointment on a single person, who hasn’t even nearly done anything as bad as is implied here.

All you people clutching pearls about Hedge even being rude, and discussing that all in this “very serious and concerned” topic: You’re all a bunch of emotional Karens. People like you are exactly the reason that customer service job sucked so much. And you’re just unable to grasp that Hedge is dealing with you a lot better than you did when you were in his shoes.

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