Missions table becomes absolutely useless from mid-late game

The auto generated missions is a problem that is going to ruin the game if not changed. It’s fine for the first 3 difficulties but by the time you get to difficulty 4/5 you are looking for specific missions with specific objectives like grimoires or scriptures for your weekly. The missions are normally set out where there is 0-2 difficulty 4 missions and normally the condition is hidden where you queue the mission and it doesn’t tell you the condition on top of it never really having grimoires and rarely scriptures. Playing on lower difficulties just for weeklies is just boring. If you really want to keep the current system in the game just make it so you get 25/50% more xp like quickplay from vermintide and even 25%/50% more crafting resources so max level players have a reason to use it. Here is an link to an image showing that for the last 30mins there hasn’t been a difficulty 4 mission, at the very least double the amount of missions on the board.