Mission select is awful

I shouldn’t be forced to wait and wait for a mission to play that has some good modifiers. I need to do a scripture run to pick up my last scripture for the contract. However, the only available mission is T5 and I am not geared enough to do that. Everything else is Grimoire or just plain as day. It’s demoralizing just waiting, Alt Tabbed checking in every so often to see mission changes.
This isn’t even talking about the bad RNG, Penances, Crafting, and other issues spoken about on the forums. It’s a drag in an otherwise fun game.


The system in place is identical to the one Payday 2 had on release.

Guess what happened, they had to add a classic mission selector because everyone hated it.


Agreed. This is my single biggest gripe in the game. I’ve stopped using quickplay because it keeps putting me in the same missions over and over again. The weekly missions also become annoying to do because of that, which is why I’ve completely stopped doing certain weeklies.

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I really don’t understand why so many basic systems are so barebones. The mission selection is one of them.

Why cannot we select a specific mission with specific modifiers and instead have to depend on randomness? There is probably some edge case benefit of making it easier to find groups for your games if you don’t roll a pre-made, but this is undermining the gameplay experience for others.


I don’t even think it would make it easier to find groups. Most people seem to play quickplay from my experience of sitting in half empty lobbies that then suddenly become full when the game begins anyway.

I just want to do Light’s Out. What the fu ck. Why do I have to wait 4000 minutes just to have a CHANCE to do the condition I want?


Yeah, this was the same madness with deeds in V2. Why cannot we just UNLOCK a new condition through gameplay and then have it available on demand.

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I can understand they want some restrictions on just spamming what we want, but how about a compromise? Because right now the game feels so restrictive and anti player choice. The mission board, shop, crafting, weeklies. All of it feels so hell bent on not allowing us to play how we want.

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Worth noting here is that the missions in PD2s random thing rotated like every 5 minutes.
It did not keep the same mission up for 40 minutes.

So Darktide took an already bad idea and made it significantly worse.


You can? Presumably players playing your game the way they want is better than players not playing your game at all.

There’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to do that. Avoiding splitting the playerbase, encouraging map variety, whatever else. I’d prefer total freedom but the devs obviously don’t see it that way.

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I think a lot of stuff are over-engineered because the idea of it is cool.

At first I liked the timed rotations. Like, cool, that’s immersive and makes sense that missions would rotate depending on time and how events play out. Which I think is the angle they tried to come from.

However, it’s very inconvenient. And doesn’t mesh well with gameplay after a while.
When leveling it was cool, when I started to get contracts I just found problems with it.

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They simply just need to make quickplay more attractive to players if/when they introduce mission selection.

If the rotation was quick and there were lots of different mutators going then it probably wouldn’t be so bad. It seems that for whatever reason they can only have one mutator active at a time which to me is insane. They’ve also not got very many to choose from which is also bizarre.

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Honestly this problem was solved decades ago. It’s called a server browser.

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Vermintide had the quickplay option specifically choose less played levels and giving you a bonus on the loot chest roll.

And then there was weeklies/dailies specifically for doing quick play matches, so even more incentive to just play whatever quick play gave you.

That wasn’t enough?

“Avoiding splitting the playerbase”

Because people will play levels they dislike if they lack choice to play anything else?
Seems more likely that people would just stop playing, or play anything but those levels/conditions they dislike.

You realize I’m talking about the devs stance right? Not my opinion.

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I’m adressing the arguments you proposed, not you as a person.

I apologize if it came across as me attacking you personally.

Oh certainly. I seem to be mostly playing high intensity maps because of RNG.
And it starts to get annoying to have elites spawn in triplets and multiple types, you name it.

The amount of time 2-3 bombers spawn and keep cycling grenades at the only entrance so you have to go through is damn infuriating. Hate bombers so much, not because of difficulty but due to annoyance.

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Fair enough. We can agree then the mission board needs to change. I thought it was alright while leveling, now it’s a royal pain in the ass.