Missing visual cues


I believe there are 2 cases where there is no visual information for what is happening, and even a small information would be useful.

  1. When a key is found.

In fort and convocation a key must be found to open the grimuar chest, yet no information is given whatsoever, that one of your teammates has found one. In good team it is customary to write something, but the game should really tell us to avoid having to write this. This often leads to situations where somebody has found the key and proceeds with the map, while other teammates are still looking.

Visual information very similiar to one displayed when teammate gives you potion or bomb would be excellent, I think, only pointing at a key.

  1. Natural bond

Similarily to above, when teammate currently has a “natural bond” trait, it requires explaining in the chat. Visual information around players health bar would be a much better solution to this, removing the need to explaining in chat.

However I have no idea for a specific solution, sorry.


I agree with both of these things.

Both are good points and I agree.

Yeah, that’s basically how I start every round, when I play Unchained…
Would be nice to not have to do that every time:

FYI I have Natural Bond
Next game:
FYI I have Natural Bond
Next game:
FYI I have Natural Bond

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If there is any other indicator I really miss, it’s the voice chat indicator. When someone starts talking over the voice chat I can’t identify which character tries to communicate. This is no problem if you are playing premade team with your friends but that’s often not the case and you have to play Sherlock first.


Good point, this would be a helpful addition as well.

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Picking a key could use any kind of sign for others, be it visual or aural. at the moment there’s no indication of any kind when you pick one up (for anyone, really, but especially the rest of the team), and while on Festering Grounds there’s only one place to check, on Convocation there’s three, and relatively widely spaced to boot, without another reason to check those places.

Nat Bond and other build-significant stuff could easily go in the Tab window. There’s a lot of empty space there on each character. I think I saw someone mention that some info was there in early beta, but it was removed at some point, but that would need confirmation. Any of the Jewellery Traits are significant enough to go there (even if NB practically requires it), and so are some weapon Traits and Talents. If not officially, I’m waiting for mods to address this.

For Natural Bond, the solution is simple.

Have the square around their healing item slot be yellow to indicate they can’t heal themselves with it.

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Good suggestion. To add on…

Is there a way to tell what buffs you have on you currently when ingame? especially when you happen to rarely trigger any friendly auras. Would be nice to read the name of the buffs and its benefits

To the left of your Health bar you’ll see icons for all named effects, both positive and negative, that are affecting you, including a duration meter or active stacks where appropriate. I think the only ones not visible are “generic” debuffs, i. e. Troll bile and DoT, maybe some others. There’s no way to know which one is which beyond just learning them, though, but the icons are the same as the relevant Skill, Talent or whatever, to make learning things a bit easier. If you have Natural Bond on, that’s also visible there.