No indicator for wounds, no percentage for hp, no ult indicator for allies, no ammo indicator for myself

I can’t tell how many wounds my allies have, or how many they can take before dying. I can’t tell if they have their ability up, I can’t tell my ammo without switching to ranged, I can’t compare if my hp is higher than an allies easily. I also can’t always tell which enemy is which in the kill feed.

Please make this more clear. Oh also show me which bomb I have, if it tells you this it’s hard to tell.
And we don’t get assists for protecting friends from hits like last game despite traits relying on this.


The bomb icon is a slightly different shape depending on what bomb you have. They match the shape of the bombs in game models. Definitely hard to tell regardless.

Yea it’s barely noticeable until you pull it out, need it to be more clear. Maybe a symbol, fire and explosion

this remember me the other day:
“Dont worry friends! im gonna stun him!”
Then the flames rise. FF for all, yeah!
What a shame

I agree with all these points. Put a skull icon next to a character to show they’re near-death. People will often think that the elf is fine because she regenerates green health, but she is still wounded. Then she dies and people are angry and confused.

And bombs - yeah, it is REALLY hard to tell them apart.

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