Firebomb icon need to be more distinct

Hello fatshark,

Is it possible that you can make the firebomb icon more distinct?

Personally, I am having a bit trouble separate the two bomb icons.
Could you make them so that the firebomb is a perfect circle (as it is today), while the firebomb is a perfect square?

I tried to use mspaint to show what I mean. See attached. bomb firebomb firebomb%20v2

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Or one of them could be mirrored.

I think a more elegant solution is to have a ‘blast’ like effect around the regular bomb and keep the current background for the firebomb, it already looks like fire.

You know what else would be neat? If each weapon had its own icon for 1 and 2. Its pretty pathetic how we’re still using the placeholder sword and bow.

It’s not that bad with the controller hud:
image image

Any way there is the suggestion to make a color difference (one orange one red) out there as well as to add a fire symbol on the fire bomb or add flames around it and explosion marks around the other one.
image image
To be honest flames around the fire bomb would look better but my artistic talent is too low lvl to do it.

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All improvements are good, either the icon being more distinct (like the difference between Healing Draughts and Medical Supplies), or the background being more distinct (like the different Potions).

I have these handicaps (goldfish memory so cant remember what I picked up earlier and goldfish sight so struggles to identify what kind of bomb I have, especially when battles are hectic) that stacks up, rendering the current bomb icons too similar.

Hope there is a way for the developer so see this. I image that the fix would not require too much work (please note I have no idea how much work such an update would indeed require).

One is round like an apple, the other is not. Open your eyes!

Wow, what a well though through, high value comment! All I had to do was to open my eyes!! Thanks ShellaSunshine, guess there really weren’t any reason to actually open this request at all.

The world does not revolve around you, please understand that not everybody is blessed with excellent eye sight as your self, or have equipment/environment equal to your own, but where you excel in image recognition, you lack the ability to understand and be helpful to others.

Yes, they icons are different, and it is easy to see this side by side, but even you must be able to reckon that they are quite similar, especially when view in the peripheral vision.

This is only an improvement request to the developers to help that small group of users that are struggling to distinguish the two bombs. I am not trying to take anything away from the current game.

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