Missing information in game

What I think is really important for a game like Darktide is a proper onboarding process for new players. How does the game work? How do I move my character? What effect does power have for my weapons? All that info should be accessible in game without having to create a fandom wiki. If you introduce a keyword, explain it.

More examples:

  • Coherency (mentioned on Psyker’s Kinetic Presence aura)
  • Soulblaze (mentioned on Psyker perks, but never explained)
  • Peril (nowhere does it mention that you die if you stay at 100% for too long)

Then there’s the problem of comparing weapons to one another. There are many different makes and brands of ranged weapons, and it is impossible to judge how they are different from each other. An MkII gun might do 50% more damage than an MkI, but it’ll have 30% less fire rate. And that’s before we get into how the weapon will show me how much total Ammo it has, but not how much actual damage it deals.

I feel like there’s a merit to certain things being a little obscure, and players should be encouraged to experiment with various different types of weapons. But the game’s weapon design is not like e.g. the Borderlands series, where you find tons of weapons with crazy effects.

I am sure that someone will create a comprehensive fandom wiki article on these things at some point, but the first point of contact will always be in game and it cannot be the responsibility of the customer to explain the game to others, that’s the devs job. Right now I find it difficult to recommend the game to anyone, because so many t hings are still missing

Might come off as quite negative, but I genuinely like the game. Keep improving and I’m sure it’ll become a gem like VT2