A compact list of misgivings about the game

Overall I find Darktide very entertaining and a fun game, it might very well become a worthy successor to Vermintide 2, buuut…

  • sometimes, I haven’t recognized when or how exacly, the game does not register you holding down the LMB,

  • getting hit needs to give the player more feedback. Too often I’ve had my toughness and/or health downed by half by a Rager I did not even know was next to me, let alone hitting me,

  • equipment stats are extremely unclear. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it,

  • the game is mostly stable for me, but I have friends who get kicked out up to four times per match,

  • I am 95% sure that, on at least one occasion, my exp bar did not show the correct amount of experience I’ve gathered,

  • there are way too many stats that matter too little, e.g. separate damage resistances against specific elites/specials’ attacks.

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