Be Transparent - What do things do?

I've been enjoying the Beta, thanks for the early access. 

It would be nice if we could have a master list somewhere of what all the various terms in Darktide mean.

Stagger, Bleed, and myriad of other procs and game effects are not explained or described in the game.

Not broaching the decision about the built in opacity of ‘stat bars’, but how about an index somewhere of what all the terms in your game and do?

Making informed decisions about how to build your character and weapons shouldn’t have to wait for the Darktide wiki to be fully up and running.

Thank you.


Agreed. It’s 2022. If I need to alt+tab out of a game to research something about the game I’m playing, the developers did something wrong.
This is not just a Fatshark issue, this is pretty much all games in general.


i would very much like if each “term” and “icon” would have a mouseover tooltip with a summary description, and detailed one below it

that goes for weapon stats, but also attached weapon effects - i cant understand a good third of those and some of them are written in a way that perhaps makes sense to someone who designed the system, but i dont

for example, there is an effect that increases weapon “power” dependent on peril, up to 4%, stacks 5 times
okay… does that mean… each stack takes the value at the time it happens, the current level, or at the time it happens overriding the older ones… ???

i dont actually know what weapon “power” is… is that the damage value? something the damage is calculated from? i have no idea… i just know more is more better