Missing Amulet of Ashur PC

My amulet is not appearing in my athanor after i’ve run dark omens, i have no prompt to talk to olysea and have been told that it is a glitch in the game

Hi @Coolman,

Sorry about that - it’s a current bug. Can you please let me know your Steam Profile URL (or Gamertag/PSN) and I’ll take a look at this for you :slight_smile:

@Coolman, all sorted for you :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. My profile is Steam Community :: Volharden


Fixed for you @Volharden!

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I also have the same problem. Steam Community :: Fzoul


My friend is also having the same problem. His profile is Steam Community :: Javoo


@Fzoul6 , @Volharden - fixed for both! :slight_smile:


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