Amulet of Ashur not appearing PC

I’ve completed dark omens twice and also run the first stage of the weave 3 times and have no prompt to talk with olysea, my amulet has not appeared in my athanor and I’ve been trying to figure it out for 2 days now.

Hi @Noodle234, please let me know your Steam profile URL, Gamertag or PSN id and I’ll take a look at this for you :slight_smile:

Is this it?

@Noodle234, yep that’s it.

Should be sorted now - can you try restarting the game and check if the Amulet of Ashur is now available for you?

Steam Community :: oldHero- this is my steam profile. Hope it can be fixed. :frowning:

Hello, the Amulet of Ashur is also not unlocking in my account. I checked all the requirements and my friends have it, I tried restarting and other suggested things without any solving.

Hi @oldhero,

I replied to your post already - but this should now be resolved for you also :slight_smile:

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