Issue of the amulet of ashur not appearing

I just picked up the Winds of Magic and can’t get the amulet of ashur to appear, I’ve done the prerequisites for it to appear but it’s not there. Researching the issue led me here.
Steam URL Steam Community :: Hollalex


@Hollalex, sorry about that - this should be resolved for you now :slight_smile:

Yep, I can now see the amulet, thanks for the help.

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Hi, I have the same issue with the profile Steam Community :: Suri
Is it possible to resolve it?
Thanks in advance.

@Trurlich, this should be fixed for you also now :slight_smile:

The problem has indeed been resolved.
Thanks for the quick action!

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Same issue, thrice I’ve played thorugh Dark omens, both hosting lobby and keep and not, and multiple ranked weaves, hosting and not hosting, and Olesya is still downstairs without any dialogue prompt, dark omens challenge completed, rebooted the game in between missions and weaves and nothing

Both me and my buddy have the same issue, while another buddy had no issue whatsoever to unlock the amulet. Our steam IDs are:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vixol,

This should be resolved for both you and your friend now :slight_smile:

Hello @FatsharkLev

Same problem as Vixol posted, make a ranked wave before do the dark omens but Olessya still near to the portal and cannot do nothing.

Is the same problem that appears on this post?

Link to my steam profile:

Many thanks, kind regards

Me and two of my friends are having the same problem.

@Camueso , @AiirbearBih - fixed for all profiles posted. You should all see the amulet when you next restart the game :slight_smile:

Fixed, thanks a lot

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Hello, @FatsharkLev I have the same problem here.

@Mcjulius1991 fixed for you :grin:

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