Winds Of Magic on PC. Amulet of Ashur not showing up

I have completed the Dark Omens mission twice, once on recruit while my friend hosted. Then on Veteran while I was the host. I never got the prompt to speak to Oleysa. I can, and have completed 3 weaves as well as unlocked different weapons. But I do not have access to the amulet still. I’ve spent a good hour looking around for fixes on the forums but seen nothing for a fix that I can do myself. Thank you for your time.

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Please PM me the URL to your Steam profile and I’ll ask our Backend Engineers to check this out. Unfortunately, it won’t be until next week now. :frowning:

Steam Community :: Magnusson sorry for the late response, also i do not see an option to PM you.

Thank you - I have passed this on and hope to have an update for you soon.

Received an update right as I posted that to say this should now be resolved for you!

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