Missiles launchers for Orgyn and Ratling sniper class

Game is good so far and you guys have been pretty great with bug fixes. I do think the Orgyn should get access to missile launchers as another explosive weapon options. There are bunch of missile launcher you can give them, preferably you should give them missile launcher that can shoot multiple rockets but it is weaker in terms of explosive damage when compared to single shot grenade launchers.

40k wiki link for launcher ideas : Missile Launcher | Warhammer 40k Wiki | Fandom

Now when I was playing I could not help but notice that in one of the conversation between player characters they mention ratling snipers. That would be a very cool class to add to the game and would add another abhuman race to choose from. This would be the only class that should have access to sniper rifles with high zoom optics. It will also give teams the ability to counter snipe enemy snipers. Though I do have feeling you guys may be saving ratlings for future DLC content.

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Not a bad idea, I’d imagine Ratlings could be in a DLC down the road.

not the ratlings…

Why are people trying to make Ratlings a thing?

Ratlings are tiny. Half the size of Squats (space dwarves). The average traitor guardsman could boot one across a room. I just don’t see them fitting into a setting where they are required to fight in melee.

If you’re going to add missile launchers I think a Frag Missile launcher would be the best fitting because that’s the anti-infantry version.

Whoah, I just pulled up the wiki for 5 seconds and thought they were more like halflings from DnD or hobbits from LoTR. What you’re describing sounds much smaller.

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