Minotaur Should have Monster Armor

Pretty simple suggestion. As far as I am aware, the Minotaur uses the berserker armor type, which is resistant to pretty much everything. The Minotaur is much too tanky for how much damage it can put out - it’s resilience rivals that of the Stormfiend. Giving the Minotaur Monster armor instead of Berserker armor would make it easier to kill it.


:thinking: I would like to know more about the minotaur’s armor type.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t plague monks and savages get an additional defense state while they’re doing their big attack chain? Does the same apply to the boss?

I kinda dig how tanky the boss is, haven’t fought him enough to get the hang of his fights, yet.

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For a boss that gives even less of a window to attack than a chaos spawn and is as mobile as a chaos spawn it should not be as tanky as it is. A minotaur is pretty much a party wipe as it is. Give it monster armour like any sane person would’ve given it from the start. Did some intern give it berserker armour because it’s holding 2 axes…


The difference between the Minotaur though and other monsters though, Is that it cost only 2 stamina to block one attack. Making it possible to block its entire attack chain, a ogre rat and other monster takes all of your stamina away on one block. However I would agree that it is a lot more effective then the other monster when it has a horde by its side because it is able to charge from behind the horde and attack anyone trying to deal with the horde at almost any range.

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Minotaur doesn’t have Berserker Armour, It has monster. It has as much health as the spawn and rat ogre. I think Mino is actually one of the easier bosses once you understand his patterns.

Apart from the damage through block and the near un-dodgable nature of it. The press of bodies during boss battles can really spoil the fun and clear just isn’t a viable option like it once was. You get pressed to a group and have to take the hit.

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Before making accusations, check your info please.

Minotaur is monster and chaos class

Minotaur has 4k hp like other bosses

All bosses take the same damage(minus hitting Stormfiend in armor spots)

Dodging minotaur examples

I’m only using 30% block cost reduction here:

In short, bosses gained a lot of resistance and life compared to live. They’re all naturally beefier than before. (Old legend HP was 2100. Cata is 4000. Plus monster resistance was increased)


Don’t really find it that much tankier compared to the rest. Sure for the person kiting it getting any relevant dps out is extremely hard considering the patterns the boss is using so maybe that’s extending the fights a little bit.
From my personal play i really haven’t had any problems with this boss once i understood the patterns and the fact that it tends to switch aggro really fast compared to the other bosses. Would actually rate it one of the easier ones currently since it really has no attacks that ignore block or anything that you need to specifically look out for like trolls spit or chaos spawns grab.

Ok fair enough. Good info.

So the Minotaur had a stomp attack anyway that takes all your stamina away like the others do :slight_smile: Haven’t seen that attack yet.

How embarrassing…

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