Could shield breaker on grudge marked monsters be toned down a bit

On monsters who do multible attacks after eachother (spawn, mino, ogre) they will very likely kill you since you have no way to protect yourself against their combos with no stamina.

Instead of breaking all the stamina, could it instead do something like double stamina dmg while still preventing stamina regen.

Its almost guaranteed death when a spawn or mino have that trait.

All the other traits are fun and i hope monsters in normal mode could get grudge marked too.


An alternative option ist to dodge instead of block.


You cant dodge something like a spawn/ogre/mino running attack combo on most careers, hence the problem.

Out of those, most can dodge one or two swings from the mino but one will have to be blocked at the very least normally. And ideally not the third one that already bypasses normal block if i do not remember incorrectly.


I don’t think it does. I think it’s a double swing and people usually are out of stamina by that point, at least in early expos, hence the resulting pancake. Btw you can usually dodge most of a mino’s combos by circling his left.


ahh might be that, i have always just made sure to dodge that one outa habit for ages now so i’ve forgotten the specifics.

As for dodging mino combo by going to the left, i typically avoid relying on such stuff as its too prone to getting one stuck close to the mino which makes it easy for him to land the followup. Its fine on mobile careers like handmaiden but i’ve had bad experiences on merc.

While at it, can we make it so illusion grudges won’t suddenly just 360 swarm you and instead place those copies in spots that make at least some logical sense. (Really noticeable on tight spaces)
If not possible, then can I at least have 1-2 seconds of warning before random spawn just grabs me without a warning.


Just did citadel of eternity and ran into Minotaur Rampart/Shield Breaker/Vampiric lololol get f**ked with those mods if you don’t have shade + grail knight in the party ready with a potion to boost their damage. It was also under the slaanesh tether effect so the whole party got to share whenever anyone was hit. Tried to ledge it but it seemed to be impossible to do so.


Spinning minos is not a good solution, it tends to just get your team killed. Isn’t a perfect strat anyway, particularly if there’s more than just the mino up.

Yeah I completely agree with you that it’s dangerous, but sometimes there’s no other alternative that I am aware of. When that happens I do my best to not pull it into other people.

Grudge monsters seem to have increased stagger resistance so generally you need some combination of things to ledge them. Infinite bombs for instance seems to be really good idea to hold onto.

Some are simply immune to stagger. (Relentless attribute)

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How? The only classes that could pull this IMO are those with increased dodge range (HM/WHC) and high-dodge-count weapon. Still, you risk that the enemy will land a hit every now and then and if this happens, then welcome back to the pilgrimage chamber. And keep in mind that I’m not even taking the omnipresent chaff, elites and ever-changing map layouts into consideration.
Otherwise I fully agree with OP, the shield-shatter on spawn or mino is a near certain death sentence even to seasoned players on Cata. If it is combined with relentless and/or rampart, that it’s almost a certain party wipe even for good lobbies. I would suggest to either make it work only for certain periods of time (like mighty) or make it mutually exclussive with both rampart and relentless. Either way it requires drastic adjustment IMO.

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frudge marked creatures have a 70% stagger reduction
its super hard to ledge them in a QP match, and its impossible if they get relentless trait, which also makes kiting them next to impossible

I have managed to get the grudged mino 3 times. I don’t know which was the worst, but it slaughtered us even when I played on champ (rampart, illusionist, shadowstep). I wish it was something like vampiric or regenerating…

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