Ideas for the current grudge mark situation

Here are some ideas i had to tackle the current grudge mark situation without overhauling the whole system. Some of them have more implications than are apparent at first glance, so please comment on what you think. Ah and of course: i do not claim any copyright on these ideas in case some of them are getting implemented :smiley:

1. Illusionist - Mark periodically summons 3 mirror images of itself

Idea 1.1 There can only be 3 mirror images at a time

Idea 1.2 Damaging an illusion also damages the original

Idea 1.3 The original uses his own health pool as resource to create copies of himself

Idea 1.4 Illusions do not apply any grudge effects the original has

2. Relentless - Mark cannot be staggered

Idea 2.1 Mark can only be staggered by explosives

Explanation: Legding by skill usage is still prevented, but freeing teammates from chaos spawn is possible. Also increases the usefulness of endless bomb potions and explosive barrels.

Idea 2.2 by @Mike137 Monster receives one stack of stagger if an attack is parried

3. Rampart - Mark is immune to ranged damage

Idea 3.1 Mark is immune to ranged damage, except critical hits and headshots

Idea 3.2 Mark is immune to the first n ranged attacks

Idea 3.2 Every melee attack makes the target vulnerable to a ranged attack [stacks up n times]

Idea 3.3 by @Mike137 Damage dealt by skills get a negative damage multiplier [or monsters receive no damage from skills]. Damage dealt by regular attacks get a positive damage multiplier.

4. Crippling - Mark severely cripples player’s it deals damage to

Idea 4.1 Crippling debuff is removed when player’s movement speed is positively modified

Idea 4.2 Crippling debuff is removed when receiving team damage

Explanation: The original idea was to implement a small ‘stagger’ or ‘push’ on team damage, so others can free me from the debuff. Even if there is no team damage on recruit and veteran, the system for team damage is already implemented and might be usable without dealing actual damage.

5. Shield-Shatter - Mark breaks blocks and briefly prevents stamina regeneration

Idea 5.1 Shield does not break when the monster’s attack is parried

Idea 5.2 Attacks can be blocked with an actual shield

Idea 5.3 There is a new block potion which grants 100% block power for n seconds

6. Regenerating - Mark regenerates health over time

Idea 6.1 Monster can not regenerate if poisoned or on fire

7. General Ideas - Other ideas unrelated to specific grudge marks

Idea 7.1 New miracle on fortune shrines: Death potion - When drunk, the player receives a permanent debuff until end of the level or downstate. If player goes into downstate, he dies instantly in an explosion, that turns grudged monsters into normal monsters [or strip them of n grudge marks]

Idea 7.2 New miracle on fortune shrines: Calming bomb - When thrown onto a grudged monster, it loses 1 random grudge mark.

Idea 7.3 Grudge spikes on the backs of monsters can be damaged. Destroy them to get rid of grudge marks

I’d like Rampart to make monsters immune from damage caused by ults but take 20% more damage from other sources. This would make all boss killers (GK, shade, SoT, BH) less effective against creatures but compensate by making all non-ult attacks better. Ideally, the Engi mini-gun should count as an ult too.

I like your Shield shatter can be blocked by parry idea. Maybe they could also make a Relentless-marked monster be staggered on parry, to give the target a moment to escape aggro.

Hi @Mike137 i added your ideas to the list :slight_smile:

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Relentless is bugged anyway - mosnters get staggered by IB ult with monster taint. So solution to Relentless is bringing good IB.

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