Minotaurs are not monsters

Minotaurs aren’t considered as monsters right now. They don’t get more damage from VS monsters stat, damage dealt to them doesn’t count as damage VS monsters in mission stats and you can’t complete quest to kill monsters by killing them.
That’s about it.

Duality of man moment

I can confirm the part about them not counting as Monster damage in the result screen. No comment on the other parts.

…And, yep, just confirmed for the Quests part too. So for stats at least, they aren’t considered Monsters. Still can’t confirm armor type either way.

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Yes, indeed. And I also think Standard Bearers aren’t counted as either Special or Elite either. Maybe Bestigors as well.

Can confirm that Minotaurs don´t count as Monsters toward the Daily- and Weeklyquests. Just killed one and finished the map, did not count.


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