Minotaur - Perk (block while yielding melee weapon) doesnt work

Minotaur can hit you witha ll attacks trough your Perk that lets you block all incoming attacks when having yoiur melee weapon out.

even the blockable ones.

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Had some friends say this as well but this CW boon stops its effect for 10 seconds after your block gets broken, maybe that could’ve happened?

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I had it on WHC and can confirm it works against a minotaur (or any monster for that matter), just that whenever they do their slam, it breaks your block and deactivates the boon for 10 seconds.
The confusing part is that the shields stay up on the screen even when the boon is deactivated.


had like 6+ stam shields as kruber tank so no

There’s also a bug that causes block to just not function at all, dunno how to recreate it but leaving and rejoining fixes it.

Careful leaving/rejoining chaos wastes, I ended up spectating 3 players and a bot for a couple minutes.

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I queried this with development and was met with the response that this is intentional if the Minotaur performs a Slam attack. Could this be what happened to you?

He did the triple hit combo. Hit hit hit (one of the hits is double, i think second) and there he hit me everytime. (With perk without blocking,)

Yeah I know Mino has attacks that are not blockable. Makes sense that these are not working with the perl.

Hmm, just happened once. If you mean slam deactivates the perk, idk.

Can confirm from my personal experience that it’s not just the slam attack that goes through the block when it comes to the Minotaur

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