Mind Over Matter penance does not work

Issue Description:
Mind Over Matter - complete each mission of every type for Psykinetic does not complete. It is still stuck on 6/7.
There are two penances with the same name.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Unknown / all


Player ID:
Dusk Harlequin

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Central Europe

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Are you 100% certain that you really have done every mission type?

It could be a bug but this has been brought up as an issue multiple times and afaik it was human error every time.

This really should be a default feature of the game, but there is a mod that shows additional information for penances. In your case the mod would show which 6 types you have beaten and which type you have not
(Or it might show all 7 as completed while the achievement is still not granted due to a bug).

Since the only repair mission „power matrix“ has been off the board for a few days (it is back now), you might be missing a repair mission.

There is a mod that shows you which you have completed, maybe try that one and see if you’re not actually missing one ^^

It is possible that the map updates the symbol when ever you finish the respective mission on a difficulty, but that the penance requires you to have been part of the group from the start of the mission.

So if you join into an already running mission and finish it, it would show progress on the mission board, but not count for the penance.

As far as i am ware, penances like „finish a mission without taking damage“ also require you to be part of the group since the start of the mission, so it would be reasonable to assume that this is also the case for the penance that is topic of this thread.

Or maybe it really is bugged.

Either way, the additional informathen displayed via penance mod should be in the game by default.
And any penance that requires the player to be part of the group from the start of the mission, should specify this in the description.
Otherwise, people will keep thinking that something is bugged, even when it works as intended.

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