Method for getting Cliffhanger on Psyker now


I’m not entirely sure how to do this one since the ability, Venting Shriek, for pushing now a days appears to be vastly weaker than it did in youtube videos. If you go to that one level with the small bridges at the start your ability will just make them stop walking for a second then keep running rather than push them. A few other posts I have found are “get a force sword, go onto a level with a bridge and hope you can RNG knock enough of them in time.” Is that really the only path forward for this achievement now?

Also people in youtube videos seem to reliably be able to make games with bots so they don’t grief people while standing around on a bridge for 30 minutes trying to knock some walkers into a pit. I can’t quite figure out how to create a bot only game as it says I need a strike force to make a private game.

Please let me know, thanks.


I’m fairly sure most don’t remember what random penance names have for a description. Some google result said Cliffhanger means pushing 20 enemies to their deaths within 2s of each other, using only Vent?

If that’s the case, all I can add is that stagger stacks, and Power increases dmg, stagger and cleave. So it’s conceivable that you could either use the Force Sword push to set the enemies up and apply stagger and then Vent to push them, or use the blessings that increase Power to buff Vent enough to push them off on its own.

For example:

  • Combat Axe - All or Nothing (+40% Power at 0 stamina)
  • Force Swords etc. - Slaughterer (+40% Power after 5 kills)
  • Shredder - Blaze Away & Pinning Fire (+40% Power after shooting 50% of mag/ +25% Power after staggering enemies 5x)

Idk what Vent’s Power threshold is for going from stagger to knockback, but you could try stacking Slaughterer by killing off a few, or use a Combat Axe with All or Nothing to sprint & spam push until 0 stamina and see if that’s enough. With Shredder you could hold the trigger and dump most of the ammo into the air with the last few hitting enough enemies to stack PF, to stack up to +65% Power, and then Vent them down. Also remember that Vent’s stagger is proportional to distance to your crosshair first, and distance to you second. So at crosshair it remains very strong to its max 35m range.

I can’t say what exactly to do ofc, but I hope these help. Sounds like a bother in any case. :frowning_face:

Maybe it will be useful for you:

  • Get yourself a venting shriek (no upgrades or the one with plain soul burn).
  • Arm yourself with any Force sword, slap block efficiency on it for a bit less peril.

Good, or even great locations to try it:

Transit Hub HL-16-11 “Chasm Terminus”, Hab Dreyko (Investigation).
At the beginning of the mission there is small bridge with no railings – perfect for doing this.
Ask one teammate to cover your back while you push small fry one after another (you should wait for horde/ambush).

Transit Hub HL-16-11 “Chasm Terminus”, Chasm Logistratum (Strike Raid)
Same small bridge, same story.

Habzone HL-18-66, “The Torrent”, Vigil Station Oblivium (Espionage)
At the finale (2nd part) – when you hold inside “room” with final cogitator with 2 catwalks (also no railings). Wait for mobs, blast them with Venting shriek and push couple with force sword for good measure. (This one is my favorite, I’ve got this penance in this location).

Good luck and may the Emperor be with ya!

I feel like the Shriek is really “meh” for this. Instead try Smite. A charged smite, when released, does a “force push” on all the affected mobs. And you can use it far more often if you mess up!

I feel like the best way to do this is to get yourself an ogryn friend (or seek help on the official Discord) with a shield and taunt. Then go to Chasm Logistratum and wait for a horde by the small bridge near the start of the map. Have the ogryn friend direct the horde onto that bridge, then the psyker can use the Smite-push. It’s probably doable solo as well, but it’ll be VASTLY easier with a friend.

Another option is Vigil Station Oblivium, where you have these narrow passageways you need to defend near the end of the mission. This can probably be done with random players - just ask them to block for a bit and let a horde accumulate, then you should be able to Smite-push from a window or another ledge.

Note: when I did this (fairly) recently I did NOT get an in-mission notification for having completed the penance and I only found out after manually checking the status back on the Mourningstar.

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This is where I got it too. If your team mates agree. You can not shoot them and just block and dance and push em back. Or have an Ogyrn with a shield hold em until they pile up enough and then you scream at em.

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The penance does not tell you any specific way to knock the enemies off the map.
Unless there is some hidden limitation that did not use to be there (i did the penance about a year ago), you should still be able to do it in a way that i found out and used to help my buddy get the penance.

Like i said, this is how i helped a friend a long time ago, so it might no longer work.

  1. Take your psyker and get the augment that lets your shriek put soulblaze onto enemies.
  2. Bring an ogryn buddy with the charge ult (NO bleeds).
  3. Enter a mission and find a spot where you can knock enemies off the map (magistrati oubliette is pretty good. You reach the first knock off location at around the time the first horde spawns: when leaving the dirt floor sewer section by entering the long corridor with smaller parallel corridor on the right).
  4. Wait for a horde spawn to come to the knock off location
  5. Put the horde on fire with your ult
  6. Have the ogryn knock them off the map with his charge

If the enemies fall to their death while affected by your burn, they should count as killed by you.
You were the last one to “interact” with them, since you dealt damage after the ogryn pushed them.

Just make sure not to hit them with too high peril, or they might actually die to the soulblaze before falling to their death.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Smite was the play!

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