I am not a psyker main, so i’d like a tip or two from more experienced psyker players

Where’s a good spot to push a load of idiots off a ledge

2 Missions, you can also find it on youtube the old stuff works, since you only need 7 guys now its quite easy. Especially on the Scan Mission with the Cypher can’t recall the name where you later deff the mini bunker and do the mini game and enemies spawn from 2 directions.

Just as your m8’s in that round to block the first horde with pushback a bit then use your ult while runnin in them with a bit push back and force sword.

Else the Logistratum Map see Youtube.

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The end platform of the smelter mission is probably the easiest/least disruptive place to do it.

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Here’s another area you can do it in(will probably be easier when private lobbies come along with next update, hopefully