Mercenary's 'Helborg's Tutelage' and 'No More Laughin' Now!'

The talent ‘Helborg’s Tutelage’, which guarentees a critical hit after 5 hits while disabling random crits, is canceling out the passive ‘No More Laughin’ Now!’, which enables the Mercenary to have an innate 5% crit chance.
I would simply ask for the talent to give the Mercenary 5% atk speed when he chooses it, so the passive is not wasted if you happen to choose this talent.

And is triggered in the sixth hit/shoot and I understand that shoukd be in the fifth.

Personally think this talent would work a lot better for footknight or huntsman and should be instead just traded for something else.

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Yeah i termed it more precise with ‘after 5 hits’, the tooltips say every 5 hits which is kind of missleading.
Edit: 5 hits itself is also missleading, it’s 5 melee attacks, multiple hits during one attack do not count.

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Don’t forget huntsman has his +5% crit chance aura, it’d have to be FK.

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