Mercenary Talent Helborg's Tutelage & Scrounger Trait

The Mercenary Talent Helborg’s Tutelage does not seem to trigger the ranged weapon trait Scrounger. The crit every 5 hits works but you do not gain any ammunition. This could be the same for other classes with a similar talent.



For me is working, but its triggered in the sixth shot.

Actually I think I might be mistaken it does seem to work but I was trying to proc from the melee push on the Blunderbuss. I forgot that doesn’t trigger the scrounger trait anymore!

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I think you are right Tutelage trait is broken. In my first response, I were trying with the dummy and work ok, but in a game, if you are not the host, seems doesn’t work at all. And if you are the host, doesn’t works always.

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