Mercenary Morale Boost

For the Mercenary active skill, it feels a little underwhelming after lvl 20, since everyone getting so much temporary health anyway, so that part of the skill feels more lr less useless and the stagger well get overshadowed by the Foot Knights charge, specially when you consider the lower cd on the charge compared to Morale Boost.
So I was thinking maybe change the lvl 25 “Inspirational” Talent from giving more temporary health, to instead replace the temporary health gain with an effect that convert temporary health to permanent health. (and yes that means that using the skill when noone have any temp. health the aoe stagger would be the only effect that would do anything.) If its a bit too much(though I don’t think it is) you could make it half (or whatever other value would be more fair) of temporary health that gets converted to permanent health