Menu overriding issues

I entered a quickplay game, played, and we completed the map. Got back to Tal Horn’s keep and saw that my daily login was ready, so I opened up the shop. I opened up the login bonus screen thing and clicked on collect to where it shows that you earned some silver coins or whatever. Right after or when I did that however, the host started a quickplay request. This disabled everything except for the chatbox. I couldn’t click on anything and none of the menus would load (even escape didn’t do anything).
From what I could tell, that’s pretty much how it is when you are in one of the menus, the background stuff gets disabled except for the chat box. I tried pressing pretty much everything (though now that I think of it, I didn’t have the host kick me… anyway) so I apologized to the others and alt f4’d. I’m not certain if I clicked right before or right when the quickplay window came up, but it was pretty close either way. So to clarify, right when I clicked collect, or right after I clicked collect, before the animation for gaining coins or chests played, the host started a quickplay request and booted me out of the menu, wherein I lost all controls.
I have thought for awhile that it would be nice if when someone posted a request, it didn’t boot you out of whatever you were doing. Maybe reserve a small section off to the side for it? Idk.

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