Melee Weak Spot Damage Perk

Unless if I’m mistaken and perks are used in the Attack Breakdowns, this doesn’t make sense. I don’t know if the bonus is additive or multiplicative but either way it should result in more than 450. How are these things calculated?

So a Flak Armoured bodyshot does 330 damage according that. And a Flak Armoured weakspot hit does 430.

That means the weakspot hit adds 100 damage.

The perk says +10% melee weakspot damage, which means it buffs that 100 damage difference by 10%, resulting in +110 damage. So 440 damage on weakspot is correct.

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What he means to say is that it’s a completely and utterly useless perk, probably even on weapons that have a really high weakspot multiplier. Now why they would add useless perks and blessings in the game, you’ll have to ask them about.

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Well the OP was just bugging it since it didn’t appear to work, so technically they weren’t really saying it was horrible.

That said, clearly it’s horrible and should be improved.

Description of the Perk

  1. Ideally the math changes to match the text. Currently the text says your weak point damage will increase 10%, and I think this perk will be clearest if it does exactly what it currently says.
  2. Alternatively, change the text to match the math. It would be something like, “+10% Weak Point Bonus Damage” I still think this is too ambiguous, but at least it’s less ambiguous.


  1. Ideally if the math changed above then it becomes +20% weak point damage. So then you have one perk giving you +25% damage against a specific armor type but every single attack gets that bonus, and you have this weak point perk giving you +20% damage against every target type, but only if you land all weak point hits (if not, then your average damage falls off considerably). Seems like a much better spot for the perk, though it’s hard to say what would be perfect.
  2. Alternatively we basically need multiple perks. Because +50% weak point bonus damage would be ~32% on high-weakpoint weapons (C.Blade, F.Sword), ~21% on on mid-weakpoint weapons (Catach/TactAxe), and ~12% on low-weakpoint weapons (Antax). So ideally you’d have separate perks only appearing on each weapon type: +30% weak point bonus damage for high-weakpoint weapons, +50% for mid, and +90% for low (because that’s literally what it takes for Antax to see a ~20% damage increase from weak point hits with the current math).



Weapons having wildly different weakspot and crit multipliers is obviously a balance mechanic, though it does mean players need to study each weapon’s attack card in detail to know if hitting weakspots is worth their time or effort (aside from triggering effects for certain blessings.) Complicated again by some weapons/marks hitting weakspots almost without trying, while others require effort/will only hit weakspot on first target, while others have perfectly horizontal swings for effortless cleave weakspot… and so on.

At the end of the day, yeah, as it stands, the perk could never be recommended on any weapon, and buffing it considerably might make it too strong on a select few weapons, while still never worthwhile on most weapons.

It’s a perk that shouldn’t exist considering their current design of weakspot multipliers.

Should probably at this point just rename or remove the perk. It only causes confusion in most who try to understand this, and even to this day vermintide 2s relative cousin critical multiplier causes the exact same issues.

Sure, but nobody’s changing those base values.

For example Antax deals 30% more damage on Weakpoint vs. Unarmored.
Combat Blade deals 181% more damage. (Yeah. 181%.)

Well if the perk is a flat “+20% total damage on weakpoint hit” then Combat Blade still comes out way ahead.

Antax would become 56% more damage on Weakpoint
Combat Blade 238% more.

So it doesn’t really change the fact that Combat Blade is still way more about weakpoints than Antax.

But yeah I could see another argument that says anything below mid-weakpoint-tier just doesn’t get the perk at all, and that’d be great.

It should never be possible to roll a perk that’s never viable. Like weapons that have basically non-existent Carapace damage shouldn’t ever roll +Dmg vs. Carapace. It shouldn’t even be possible.

Perks should either be viable on a weapon (even in a narrow use-case or combo) or not appear at all on that weapon type.


Truth. Same goes for blessings.

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I agree on this.

It should be 430 + (10% x 430) = 473

I agree with the OP. The perk description is not correct and with also Axelhilt, the perk as it is actually is totally useless.

There are two problems with this response;

  1. It’s unintuitive

When looking at the detailed stats of a weapon if, for example, it showed 330 weakspot damage I would expect the perk to increase that figure by +10%, taking it to 363. My second assumption would be that it would act as a flat increase to the weakspot multiplier (something that needs to be better surfaced in the UI), for example taking it from 1.3x base damage to 1.4x for ~355 damage. The fact that it acts as a multiplier to the weakspot multiplier itself is not obvious at all and requires a lot of testing and investigation to discover.

  1. It’s severely underpowered

As is you are almost always worth taking any other perk as the actual damage increase from +10% weak spot damage is inconsequential, in the example above it would take my 330 weakspot damage to a mighty 337 for an effective +2% damage buff when playing at peak efficiency. Why would you ever take that over any of the more impactful perks that don’t require you to have perfect aim?


I believe the same logic/math applies to crit damage right? Only buffing the bonus damage on the crit, making it WAY less impactful than initially thought

I love how the dev’s answer is “Oh! No, no, you see, it’s supposed to be garbage.”

The benefit of that perk is so useless that we thought it was bugged.

Why do you people do this? Why do you have to make your game into a slot machine that we can’t understand?

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