Mechanics that need to change

So as V1V2 player who play’s and is surrounded by many long term tide players,
i thought that i needed to be as open minded as possible going into DT as many of my friends weren’t.
they had clear expectations and found many bad things they recognized from V2,

were i took the stance “its going to be fine, were just missing power”, and “it will work out sooner or later”.

but i came to a point after playing 70h+ that there gameplay mechanics that just feel unfun.

““doing your job””
there are certain things one class is meant to do, its obvious, but the higher you go it becomes more and more apparent that you can’t, and that’s not a skill issue, i like overcoming challanges, impoving how i play and becoming better at it.

how is an ogryn meant to tank/stagger stuff in melee if he gets shot to pieces so easily even if he’s doing his job in melee?

how is a zealot meant to take the fight to the enemy if he gets staggered mid charge leaving him in the open to die?

how is the psyker meant to control and pick out heavy duty if everything Interrupts and slows him?

how is the sharpshooter meant to pick out targets if the moment you aim at something you get pushed around by enemie fire and or get suppressed no matter how often you take a different angle?

ranged enemies are a problem its obvious something needs to change.
and before anyone says just slide or take cover, bla bla bla, ive done 4/5 runs with a very competent group and we won but its simply isn’t fun its tedious, and needs alot of cheese tactics not what i want from the game.

when i play sharpshooter i want to hone my aiming skills and be proud when i land a streak of crucial shots, not vaguely fire in enemy direction under supression hoping its enough to kill something…

when i play zealot i want to play a crazy maniac who rushes in, not die because enemies dealt dmg through thoughness or cower behind cover all day long…

when i play ogryn i want to be a boulder who crushes his opponents and protects his team, not wonder why cant move just to realise theres a poxwalker lying in my way stucking me in…

when i play psyker want to use the warp to devastating effect not vent 24/7 because cuz i gotta headpop 200 shooters who took cover and currently stop our advance…