Materials should drop more often in specific, identifiable patterns

Fully random material drops are not interesting gameplay, and will just frustrate players in the long run. As an example, when I need more Ordo, I pick difficulty/modifiers to increase it, because I know the payouts ahead of time vs the expected difficulty (-> success rate). The lazy way to fix this is a way to buy/sell materials for Ordo, but I think that it can be better.

There is not apparently a way to do this with crafting materials (that is currently apparent, maybe it is planned). What would improve this, for instance, would be something like knowing that you fill find Diamantine more often in the Metalfab area. This allows players to preferentially select maps in order to get materials that they need, when they need it. Also, modifiers to maps such as “increased Plasteel scraps” can fill the same effect.

Not all of these effects even need to be stated, it can just percolate out over time and be “game knowledge”. Maybe it already is, but I haven’t heard anything or seen anything to indicate it.

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Another problem with acquiring materials is the team splitting up to search for ammo, grimoires, scriptures and now upgrade resources. The maps in Darktide being much more open than V2 these combined mechanics are resulting in a number of issues including a lack of cohesiveness and teamwork.

Based on what is happening right now. Plasteel is suppose to drop 2x more or equally to Daimantine on maps usually 100 ish on difficulty 4 maps, thats my experience. I have confirmation from another player that in multiple difficulty 3 daimantine is rare like 20ish on diff 3 and 100ish plasteel. This leads to assumption that either
A: higher difficulty = more mats
B: that guy just sucked at looting.

hard disagree. having the same dull rotations makes for stale game play

And truly random is better? There should be some player agency, of some kind. Having dynamic rotations like special events or modifiers isn’t more interesting?

Looking around every nook and cranny for crafting mats or scriptures is very time-consuming and goes against the principles of Coherency, not falling behind, and watching your teammates’ backs.
I am not a huge fan. I wish all that stuff was a little less off the beaten path.
It’s just like the Chaos Wastes in VT2 (with the Pilgrim’s coins), except you can see and tag those from afar, and the big stashes are usually close to the main path.

dif 2 i’ve seen max 10 diamantine and around ~100 plasteel 20 to 30 on dif 3 sounds right