Match Making, Teamplay and my loved Character

Hey there,
I really don´t understand some things and somehow I´m a bit disappointed. Maybe I had to many expectations and ideas what you could do with this game. So I made a quick brainstorming list on a few things regarding the match making and teamplay.

  1. Why isn´t there a Private Mode where only friends can join in? [EDIT: Seems to be a bug for me/friends]
    Today we kicked 6 persons out of our game because I had an disconnect and wanted to rejoin.

  2. Why aren´t we rewarded for teamplay? I mean besides wining the game.
    I loved the sound of helping another friend when an enemy wants to stab his back in Vermintide 1.

  3. Why aren´t there rewards for don´t letting u´re team get surrounded?

  4. Why doesn´t the game helps out players to make strong teams?
    I mean like getting players to gether speaking the same Language

  5. Think of talents where players benefit from helping friends and staying near them.

  6. What´s with buttons to quickly tell someone to stay close or so. Yeah I get that the characters are speaking. But what about hitting a button and a little visual effect for friends so they notice it. As far as I can tell people don´t hear on what the characters are saying except for when they talk about specials.

  7. Why don´t u show how much someone helped players for like saving their backs or so in the end screen after a level?

In my opinion you could do you´re work in balancing and just upgrate some matchmaking and teamplay mechanics and you would have an better game when it comes to fun and random players fighting together.
But now I want to have the match making mechanics from v1 since the were quite nice.

Last part:
Sadly I can say that I´ve no longer fun in playing Kruber as he isn´t as flexible as he was in V1. Like he could do a decent amount of damage and really help others out. Now im either a super tanky foot knight, which is good for helping but doesn´t do a thing if randoms aren´t into it and if I play the Merc I´m more of a CC and not that much of an tank, when it comes to champion and legend (played not that often).

I loved Kruber for being the heavy dmg dealer (yeah elf was allways high, and siena was quite good as well) and a nice tank pushing all enemys so friends can attack them. But now I have the feeling that I´ve to play V1 for it and this role to be lost atm. Huntsman is alright but not my thing. Instead I feel pushed to the dwarf IB and since I don´t want to play the dwarf and have his ranged weapons…
I also think it´s not about the classes been fully wrong designed. It feels like ranged is to OP.
So Sienna, elf and dwarf often spam their ranged and what happens is that i don´t hit anythink and they waste their attacks on enemys i would otherwise kill with my melee instead.
Not to mention the ff I take and the spam of why i die so frequently. I really don´t want to point out any more that the hit me in the back like a f***ing thousend times…

I hope that my text is quite understandable. I know that some people think and feel different, but I thought of posting it here, because I´m now thinking of having a break for like 2month and than hitting back on this game to have a look if anything is better than befor. Like the game isn´t finished when it released and i know it wasn´t supossed to be, but I really don´t enjoy it when playing with Kruber and/or with most of the random players.

Often they don´t write anything nor speaking english, which is terrible for teamplay.
Ahhh and also I´ve never heard anybody speaking through the mic. Is it an broken feature?

There is lol.

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Ah I see. Was it in the last patch?

Befor, and I can´t test it right now, if we got a private game runing and someone of us got a dc he could not rejoin. And at the moment the private game lobby was started, i wasn´t able to join anymore like my friends as well

Nope. It is from 08.03.2018.

So than it bugs around. Never worked for me, but I will have a look on it. Cause I haven´t checked since the last patch

Well when you come back to home check it. Cose its literaly everything you ask for in 1) =]

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I will. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hope they get more teamplay into the game and I mean ways so that players will play more as a team.
The game it self is clearly teamplay af, as i love it for that :slight_smile:

I play with randoms all the time. It is a 50 / 50 split whether or not i am teamed with people that run all over the map and dont say a word and with people that actually want to play the game correctly xD
If i knew more people that played this game i would do private matches in a heartbeat.


That´s the problem. I see no community getting together.
I saw only one community for V1 and also V2 Blood Moon Inn i think.
But they are to far away and my ping will go up…

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